From Delhi to Tamil Nadu the Islamists are terrorising the Hindus into submission. In an eerie reminder of the genocide and hounding of Kashmiri Hindus from the Kashmir Valley by the Islamist jihadis, now a group of Islamist jihadis in Tamil Nadu belonging to a extremist jihadi organisation issued pamphlets threatening the Marwari community to leave the state as reported by The Commune magazine. 

The pamphlet read more like a fatwa issued by a Ghazi to obey their rule of not entertaining any Hindu based political movement or party in Tamil Nadu. The pamphlet threatened the Marwaris with dire consequences for giving funds to the Bhartiya Janata Party in Tamil Nadu. Funnily, the pamphlet accused the BJP to foment communal unrest in the state “where Hindus, Muslims and Christians have been living as friends.”

It is pertinent to note here that hardly a year ago, Ramalingam a PMK worker was hacked to death by the jihadi PFI for protesting conversion bid of PFI’s jihadi members in a village near Coimbatore. So, the Islamist organisation is actually threatening through the pamphlets that only anti-Hindu politics and policies would be allowed in Tamil Nadu.

The pamphlet also states that the Marwaris are the ‘fuel’ that keeps the ‘vehicle’ BJP going and added that ‘if the fuel is stopped, the vehicle would ‘automatically stop. It is important to read between the lines, the actual import is that they see the rise of BJP in the state as an impediment in completely Islamizing Tamil Nadu.

The pamphlet also brazenly gave itself the right to indulge in violence and damage public property and claimed with impunity that the government should collect compensation from the Marwaris for any damage to public property caused due to violence by the Islamist jihadi outfit.

The pamphlet was issued by a Tiruchi based Islamist jihadi group named ‘Tamizhaga Makkal Jananaayaga Katchi’ (Tamil Nadu People’s Democracy Party). The jihadi group also accused the Marwari community of ‘stealing jobs and business opportunities from Tamilians’ and demanded that Marwaris leave Tamil Nadu and go back to their ‘native place’.

Lastly, the pamphlet menacingly stated, “We will provide a livelihood to those who come here.. if you do mischief we’ll shut down your shops permanently”

The pamphlet also tried to drag in BJP leader Kalyanaraman by claiming he dared to criticize the founder of Islam because he enjoys the support and financial backing of the Marwaris. The jihadis also gave a veiled threat to all non-Muslim shop keepers to close their shops in solidarity with Muslims to condemn Kalyanaraman’s speech against Islamists and Islam. The jihadi Muslims distributed these pamphlets on 8th February 2021, to the local shopkeepers in Thiruchy and bullied them to shut down their shops.

Pamphlet Issued by the Islamist Organisation In Thiruchy Threatening Marwaris To Vacate

This has sent shockwaves in the Marwari community and terrorized them. Notably, Marwaris have settled in this area for generations and even speak, write and follow the local language and customs. The Marwari community are well known for their impeccable behaviour and assimilate with any local population wherever they do business.

The BJP cadre came in support of the Marwari community and protested against the hate campaign targeting Marwaris and North Indian communities. The BJPdemanded that the Islamist organisation, TPDP must be booked for spreading hate against a particular community and advocating violence. Four members of the jihadi organisation were arrested by the police following the strong protest by BJP.

Pertinently, the TPDP was founded by K M Shariff, a disciple of Palani Baba aka Ahmed Ali, a notorious jihadi Muslim leader.

Tamil Nadu has also seen in the past systematic venomous campaigns against the Brahmin community by the notorious Dravida Khazhagam who are actually puppets of Christian missionary organisations.

Notably, the Dravida Kazhagam, Seeman’s Naam Tamilar Katchi, Thirumurugan Gandhi’s May 17 Movement, marking the so-called genocide of Sri Lankan Tamil Elam members on 17 May, 2009 have targeted and peddled hate against Brahmins and fomented anti-nationalism, advocating secession of Tamil Nadu from India.

Tamil Nadu has off late witnessed dramatic rise in Islamic fundamentalism and Wahabism. Pertinently, a man named Dinesh from Chennai was attacked by 80 Muslims and threatened to kill him for distributing pens ingrained with the statement, “we support Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Register of Citizens (NRC)”.

The government of Tamil Nadu and the centre should take these developments very seriously and try to prevent spread of Wahabism and fundamentalist Islam in Tamil Nadu. The central government should also ban the PFI nationally and seize all its properties as it is soon growing cancerous and trying to completely Islamise Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. In the Telugu speaking states the PFI jihadis collaborate with the jihadi political party AIMIM to reign terror and gradually Islamise the entire area.

News input: The Commune Magazine, The Hindupost.


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