For the past more than 70 years nearly five generations of students have been reading from textbooks written by the leftists who have very systematically subverted the civilizational history of Bharat by filling it up with content which disparages our ancient Vedic civilization and Sanatan Dharma. Ever since the NDA government came to power under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2014, many Sanatanis and Sanatani organisations have been requesting the government to set up a panel comprising of eminent historians who are not averse to Hinduism and are aware of the vast treasure of knowledge and achievements from ancient times to reform the history and social science textbooks used in schools.

The Karnataka Government under Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa has now deleted obnoxious portions from the Class VI social science textbooks which stated: Food scarcity was caused during the Vedic period because of sacrifices of agricultural animals and milk and ghee offerings to the Fire God during Havans.

This is a very laudable move by the Karnataka Government and many such actions needs to be taken to detoxify our textbooks which abuse Brahmins as cheats who dupe people with some mumbo jumbo theories and kept education out of the reach of the masses. The textbooks also has appalling references to Vaishyas as petty traders who amassed wealth by fleecing people and selling spurious goods at exorbitantly high prices. The Kshatriyas were called very aggressive oppressors, who killed people for fancy, oppressed women and forced themselves on any woman who takes their fancy.

Apart from this the books never mentions that we had great mathematicians and astronomers like Brahmagupta and Aryabhatta. Brahmagupta was the great mathematician who invented the value of ‘Zero’ and changed mathematics and science forever. We also have ancient treatises on Vastu Shastra which produced stunning temple architecture unparalleled in world history. Our treatise on Ayurveda is still the best guide to lead a balanced life-style with the best immunity system to thwart even deadly viruses like Covid-19.

Hope this step of the Yeddyurappa government is not an one off action and is pursued by the central government and the various state goverments to weed away all the distorted history fed by Romila Thapar and her disciples in our academic curriculums.




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