After a clash over the removal of Veer Savarkar’s flex from a circle of Shivamogga city, the Karnataka police detained four individuals on Tuesday in connection with the stabbing of two Hindus . Nadeem and Abdul Rehman are two of the four guys that were arrested. The arrest of Nadeem, a resident of JC Nagara, and Abdul Rehman, a resident of Budhanagar, according to the police, led to the identification of the principal suspect.


The accused was shot in the leg and taken into custody by the police late night on Monday night after the accused attempted to attack the police personnels. After acquiring concrete information, a special police squad was made for the main accused Zabiulla. The suspect allegedly attempted to attack the police when they arrived to arrest him, and police inspector Manjunath Kuri shot him in the leg as a result.


Incident –


After a group of Muslim teenagers tore down the flex banner bearing the image of Veer Savarkar, communal violence erupted on Monday, August 15, and the Karnataka Police issued prohibitory orders in the state’s Shivamogga district. The Muslim youngsters attempted to replace Savarkar’s poster, which had been displayed in honour of Independence Day, with one of the Islamic despot Tipu Sultan. The incident took place in the Shivamogga district of Karnataka at the Ameer Ahmed circle.


According to reports, a Hindu organisation placed a billboard honouring Veer Savarkar at the Ameer Ahmed circle in Shivamogga on Monday as part of the country’s 75th Independence day . When a group of Muslim youngsters arrived at the circle, they not only protested to Savarkar’s poster’s placing there but also sought to take it down and replace it with a Tipu Sultan poster.


This resulted in a verbal argument between the two groups, followed by a fight. Superintendent of Police BM Laxmi Prasad and other top police officials hurried to the scene as soon as word of the incident circulated in order to stabilise the situation. The police dispersed the gathering with a light lathi charge out of concern about an escalation. Additionally, those who took Savarkar’s flex off were imprisoned. Hindu youngsters attempted to hang the flag in the circle once more, but the police refused to give them permission. Additionally, the Veer Savarkar flex banner was seized by police.


Furthermore two Hindus named Praveen Singh and Prem Singh were each stabbed by unidentified criminals in two separate locations throughout the city. On his way home from Gandhi Bazar after closing his store, the former was stabbed in Ashok Nagar by bike-riding teenagers, while another youth was stabbed in Upparakeri. Police are investigating whether there is a connection between these two incidents and the Veer Savarkar flex banner controversy. The current Savarkar poster row in Shivamogga, according to Karnataka home minister, was probably responsible for the stabbing event. While speaking to India Today he said “One stabbing incident has happened in Shivamogga is what I’m told. Is it regarding the Savarkar photo issue, it seems like it. But yet to get full details.” The police of the state has imposed section 144 to control the situation from getting further worse in some districts of Shivamogga.





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