Well in Maharashtra these days- this is the level which people have to go through. First use of abusive language by MP & then complete government machinery has been setup behind Kangna, why? just because she raised some questions.

Everytime it seems it was the last nail in the coffin & then all of sudden we are proved wrong again. The MH government has their bags full of surprises & they are not willing to stop.

Maharashtra Police, let’s leave them for now. They already had it enough, they need a break now.

The real picture of Shiv Sena party is now publicaly fully exposed, people are aware of incompetent guys they have elected. And yes, nowdays people don’t have short memory as it was said use to be.

What Kangna did seems to be part of a big plan, she just got the complete MH government trapped in her game. She just removed the ground below them.
Kangna ne kuch ukhada nai, puri jaamin nikal lee & that ground will be visible in a very short time ahead.

Kisne Kisko Ukhada

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