There is no question in my mind that President Trump is far better for Hindu Americans and US India relations. He kept every promise made to Hindu Americans

1.      Cut off Foreign Aid to Pakistan, and hold them accountable for harboring terrorists attacking both US and India.

2.      Root out Radical Islamic Terrorism, ISIS.

3.      Allow LNG to be exported to India.

4.      Allow advanced weapon systems to be sold to India.

5.      Allow Nuclear Reactor parts to be sold to India, spares they badly needed.

6.      Put 25% tariffs on half of Chinese imports of $550 B per year, and moving some of this manufacturing to India.

7.      Sending USS-Nimitz (Largest Aircraft Carriers) to Indian Ocean as a counter balance to China.

Monterey: Aircraft carrier USS Nimitz in Monterey Bay – The Mercury News
Image credit – Mercury News

8.      Increasing trade with India, albeit a small amount, could do a lot better.

9.      And of course giving us the best economy and lowest unemployment ever pre COVID: Reagan on Steroids.

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