Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee President K Sudhakaran recently claimed in a video interview with a publication that there were significant distinctions between lawmakers from Kerala’s northern and southern regions. Sudhakaran misinterpreted the Ramayana in order to make his point, publicly insulting it.

Congressmen Sudhakaran said in the offensive part:

“How different are the politicians of south Kerala and Malabar (North Kerala)?

Yes, there are historical differences. I will share a story. (Bhagwan) Rama returned from Lanka after killing Ravana, his brother (Bhagwan) Lakshman, and his wife (Sita Devi), in Pushpaka Vimanam. When the vimana entered the southern part of Kerala, Lakshman thought of pushing his brother to the sea and escaping with Sita. When he thought of the consequences, they had reached Thrissur, and he changed his mind and felt guilty. Sitting in a corner, Rama patted him on the shoulder and said, “Yes, I read your mind. It’s not your fault. The fault lies with the land we covered…”

In an interview conducted with a group of left-leaning journalists from The New Indian Express, Sudhakaran made these deplorable remarks. Hearing Sudhakaran’s sacrilegious tirade, the journalists, particularly the two women in the group, were overheard laughing out loud. The KPCC president implied that politicians from South Kerala could not be trusted by using manufactured stories.

Leaders from North Kerala, according to Sudhakaran, are all forthright, but this is not the case in South Kerala. To emphasize his point, Sudhakaran made up stories, claiming that there were historical justifications and that it was an “old narrative” going about in Malabar.

For short-term gains, the KPCC president misrepresented the Ramayana, but the strategy backfired when Hindus within the party publicly denounced his bogus claims.

Shashi Tharoor, who is vying for the position of Congress party president, was the target of Sudhakaran’s blatant insults. According to Sudhakaran, Tharoor is still a trainee and has not yet taken on any organizational responsibilities, not even as a booth president. The claim that Tharoor is winning in Thiruvananthapuram because of his personality is untrue, according to Sudhakaran. “He cannot achieve without Congress,” he added. Sudhakaran acknowledged that he will support Mallikarjun Kharge when questioned about his intentions.

The outburst of the KPCC president against a state-level Congress official demonstrates Tharoor’s lack of influence on his colleagues. According to experts, Tharoor would succeed if he received 10% of the votes cast in the “elections.” Sonia Maino Gandhi, who was born in Italy, has the “great” old party in a vice-like grasp as her rivals quarrel over the north and the south.

Sudhakaran is from the North Kerala town of Kannur. Tharoor represents Thiruvanthapuram in South Kerala as a congressman for the Congress. In spite of the fact that Tharoor was born in London, his hometown is the Palakkad region. The early 1950s saw the formation of Palakkad, which at the time was the second-largest city in the former Malabar district after Kozhikode. Three times, Tharoor has served as the capital of Kerala.

Sudhakaran afterward blatantly denied having brought up the south-north division after being hurt by remarks and ideas. He made his vile comments just a few weeks after Congress stalwart Rahul Gandhi organized a march through Kerala’s whole length to “unify” the party.

Despite retracting his comments about the north-south split, the KPCC President did not offer an apology for his sacrilegious outburst, which would infuriate every Hindu. The comments, according to Sudhakaran, were not intended to “cause discrimination” or “make anyone appear terrible.” He claimed that he had just retold the Malabar folktale. The KPCC president claimed that when he was younger, he had heard a similar tale. The comment, according to Sudhakaran, was not meant to offend anyone’s feelings or frame of mind, and it will be retracted if anyone feels that way.

Anyone who has been following Congress politics should not be shocked by such overtly anti-Hindu remarks or the mocking of the revered Ramayana. In a malicious anti-Hindu speech, Rahul Gandhi mocked and misrepresented the Hindu religion. Rahul Gandhi mocked and misrepresented Hinduism’s concept of rebirth in a vile anti-Hindu speech that also incited violence among SCs.

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