While liberal-feminist groups have criticized the festival of Karva Chauth over the years, no one bats an eye where the real oppression is happening. Where fasting for their husband is seen as regressive no one speaks on sexual slavery where neither consent is asked nor they’re kept like humans.

As per the various Islamic religious leaders, a man can keep 4 wives at once and unlimited concubines (sex slaves). Where the man can opt for anyone for his pleasures, a woman can’t register her protest against the abuse she has been facing.

Where Islam is considered progressive, the followers on Islam continue to press women in the name of religion. In Islamic society, Muslim women are neither appreciated or treated similarly to men. The Holy Qur’an makes it quite clear that women should be in men’s inferior positions. Men are superior to women because some of them have been chosen by God above others and because they spend their money, according to Qur’an 4.34. Virtuous women, on the other hand, are loyal and cautious because God has taken care of them. If they submit to you, do not look for a way to get rid of them; God is exalted and great. However, those whose perversity you fear, correct them, put them in bedchambers, and beat them.

One of Allah’s qualities is that He has neither a body nor a gender. However, Allah is always addressed as “He.” Genderless nouns typically take the male form in Arabic. This demonstrates unequivocally that men are seen as superior to women in Arabic Islamic society.

It is discriminatory and humiliating to expect women to cover their hair and dress modestly. The limitation is used to justify treating women unfairly who have exposed arms, hair, or other body parts by implying that they “asked for it” by acting impolitely.

Now, when an incident occurs where a hindu is criminal, the whole religion is shamed. But when a Muslim is a perpetrator, that is quite common, it is said “why bring religion into this.” Hindus asking to respect their religion are “hindutva terrorists” while those committing suicide bombings among non-believers have nothing to do with religion.

Those carrying half-knowledge willingly try to humiliate hindutva stating that they are not women friendly, they opress women while the truth is far far away from this. While speaking abut the position of women in hinduism one can figure out by this video posted below.

Where sanatan dharma taught us to name ourselves after the mother, the so-called progressive religions name one after their father.

But none of us must be knowing it as all of us have read from the liberal-marxist curriculum.

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