Bahadur Shah Jafar is no Bahadur. Jafar must have murmured at the end.

The last Mughal must have cursed his ancestor once at the plight and penury he was reduced to. A self-proclaimed king without any inheritance and morality.

No regret. Morality was something he never inherited. Among all Jahangir and Shahjahn were addicted to alcohol and opium.  Akbar was a womanizer who strolled past midnight searching for fresh flesh in the Chandni Bazar, a notorious location for nautch girls. Kings like farrukhsiyar were immoral to be the least. Stories about Mughal`s Incest, Sex with small kids and Gay are in abundantly documented. Bahadur Shah jafar was aware of the ancestral sins on morality and must not have had any remorse for this.

What could be the Inheritance left for an invader descendent? Had it been the land of Samarkand, the generation would have shed tears and sympathized for the decline of fortune. But among the surrounding of Kafirs or converts, he was abundantly clear about the penury he was looking at. Yes Mughal all along maintained their Hindu neighbours as Kafirs. And made to pay them jajiya, a tax for lives.

Sunken eyes, pale skin and protruding bones of a sick man was best concealed by historians and re-masked as gentle suave personable character. Young minds were made to believe in university about the Valor and Literary interest of Jafar.  Yes he wrote some couplet, a usual practice in those days for men spending time in companionships of women without any work. He remained mostly confined to his comfort and home without ever realizing the impending danger.

The British army imprisoned him without any resistance. Packed in a cramped camp he looked like a disheveled and bony old-man/ He was secluded to Rangoon in exile. And he dies thereafter far away from the land of his ancestors.  What an ignominious and humiliating end for the children of Samarkand ancestors.

While Jafar was exiled to Rangoon, the female member of his large family ran away for life. Hunger, thirst and drain had reduced them to the status of beggar in a week. Once again a local Hindu from a Village called Kurali named Basti offered them food, water and shelter. Forgetting the plunder and religious persecution yet again a Hindu Basti, arranged funds for these female members to move to safer places in Mecca.

Mughal became penniless, when Aurangzeb destroyed their revenue in maintaining a big army. Chatrapati Shivaji stretched the Mughal   beyond its capacity. In the end, Mughal were reduced within the walls of old Delhi.

One by one Maratha under Sh Bajir rao in 1737 Jat under Sh Surajmal 1762 and Sikh under Sh Jassa Singh Ramgarhia in 1783 defeated Mughal in Delhi. The end of Mughal had been so disgraceful. Perhaps the shameful act of life haunts everybody at the end.

Yes, the lesson life from The Bhagwat Gita is unimaginably mysterious and grandiose to learn.

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