Since 2016 – when trump became the president, liberals and left wingers in India have started a trend- comparing people on the indian right with what the supporters of trump did, but here’s a bit by bit REBUTTAL to their nonsensical false equivalences.

Here are the fundamental differences between what indian right stands for and what Rightwing in USA preaches…

Indian Rightwing consists majorly of people who are fighting against the indoctrination of leftwing culture that has seeped through academia – from distorted history books to whitewashing of indic genocides, the education system has long been corrupt, but the real resistance against this propaganda started gaining traction after 2014, this is when left started feeling the tremors. On the other hand, the rightwigers of USA consists MAJORLY of CONSERVATIVES and libertarians (not to be confused with liberals). US conservatives hold some strong religious opinions and are vastly different.

  1. USA rightwings are STRONG SUPPORTERS for Guns, which also is a 2nd amendment right in their constitution. Indian right at the same time has NEVER wanted to arm the civilians.
  1. Their Rightwing are ANTI-ABORTION and PRO-LIFE, and a recent law passed in Texas supreme court has banned abortion after a deadline of six week pregnancy. They believe that abortion is Anti-life and allows “killing of babies”, however indian right has never argued “against or for” abortion.
  2. Since the pandemic took over, we’ve seen a plethora of misinformation being spread against the vaccaines- in india it has been the liberal intellectuals who were doubting the efficacy of vaccines and many were even seen sharing hoaxes to discredit them. What liberals and left did in india, is what US right has been doing. Most of them are anti-vaccine and majority of the rightwing there have shown vaccine hesitancy. Indian right on the other hand was a strong proponent of pro-vaccination stance.
  3. USA rightwing has been a strong opposers of LGBTQ community, calling them “mentally ill” or anti-science. While it can be debated from both the sides, the thing is-Indian right has never had any discriminatory views towards them. See this :
  1. The comparison between actual white Supremacists and the so called ‘hindutva’ terrorists is what I find most dangerous, the former group actaully exists but the later is just a defamatory term coined to act as a cover and a false equivalence for islamist extrimism by mentally retarded celebrities like Swara bhaskar who lives off on spreading hinduphobia.

So it’s about time we fight back against the false propaganda against hindus and Indian right.

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