Irving, a city close to Dallas in Texas witnessed an extremely disturbing incident. The Irving Police Department posted a public announcement. A letter has been sent to a member of the community postmarked 27 August 2020 from North Dallas which states:


A$$holes, American citizens in IT industry and other professional fields have lost their jobs to many Indians and Chinese. We asked you to leave the country without further delay. We will have no choice but to shoot mercilessly at work place, in community on pool or on playground.

The matter is being investigated by the FBI and Homeland Security. However, it is extremely disturbing to think that Dallas-Irving could be a site of the next protests or mass shootings. Irving was in the news not too long ago exposing a group of Muslim radicals who wanted to install the Sharia justice system in the city.

A lot of IT professionals in the area are from Southern India. It is not uncommon to see older aunties in colorful saris enjoying evening walks in these parts of Texas. Though scattered, the Dallas area is known for ethnic markets and authentic restaurants. It is appalling to see hardworking members of the Indian community being openly threatened.

Best of luck to the entire network of law enforcement. Hope they find the perpetrators soon.

Image: Irving Police Department

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