The Islamic Republic of Pakistan has recently banned Tinder, Grindr and other, mobile dating applications. Reason: alleged immorality and indecency.

Dating apps are probably not going to be of use in a place where access to cousins, little boys, goats and sheep is easy. Pakistan should not fear dating apps but encourage them so that people can realize that dating and even outside the family is a good thing. Inbreeding has severe drawbacks including genetic defects which are not curable by modern science.

As a fun-loving, light-hearted Pakistani citizen states, “to get on Tinder you need a smartphone, good [inter]net connection & luck! This is ridiculous! Personally, I prefer traditional approach, I simply walk to my cousin sister and ask her politely ‘Aapi you wanna go on date with me’ See it’s cheap & simple. Checkmate Tinder!”

Islamists need not worry. Lack of dating apps ensures that the country continues to stay in a deep, dark abyss for generations to come. Long live cousin-to-cousin marriages!

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