Left dominated Delhi University Teachers Association’s (DUTA) efforts to reinstate and rehabilitate convicted Naxal Prof. GN Saibaba has been strongly opposed by intellectuals and academicians.

The largely leftist teachers of the DUTA had written a letter to the Delhi University Vice Chancellor seeking reinstatement of terminated Assistant Professor GN Saibaba.
In March 2017, a sessions court in Gadchiroli, Maharashtra had convicted Prof.GN Saibaba for his links and active involvement with the murderous banned Maoist organisations and terrorists. He was also sentenced to life imprisonment.
He been teaching English in Ram Lal Anand college in Delhi University since 2003. He was under suspension since 2014 when he was arrested, and received 50% of his salary thereafter. Last week on March 31st, his services were terminated with immediate effect.

Notably, the section of so-called civil society, leftist teachers and political activists who romanticise the idea of ‘armed revolution’ have formed a ‘Committee for the Defence and Release of Dr G N Saibaba’ and wrote to the Delhi University against the termination of GN Saibaba’s services.
Countering the efforts of DUTA’s arm twisting tactics of trying to pressurise the Delhi University to take back the termination orders of the convicted Naxal GN Saibaba, the Group of Intellectuals and Academicians (GIA) in its letter stated that the DUTA has gone beyond its mandate in writing a letter to the university VC for reinstating a convicted criminal.
The GIA observed “GN Saibaba is not just a Maoist but rather his actions have also had severe consequences.” This is true as being a teacher he influences many young minds under his tutelage to follow murderous philosophy of “armed revolution” against the State. As a teacher he creates rift in society and inspires young impressionable minds to cause murders with the ultimate aim of usurping power through mayhem and murder under the garb of fighting for rights of forest-dwelling tribals.
The Group of Intellectuals and Academicians has in its letter, the severely criticised DUTA for defending a convicted criminal. It accused the DUTA of not taking “the opinion of teachers of the University on such an important issue of National Security and National importance.”
Maoists have been causing severe casualties to our armed forces, as in the encounter with the dreaded terrorists, 22 Jawans were martyred and more than 30 were seriously injured in Bijapur on 3rd April.
There is a growing demand from nationalist citizens, academicians and intellectuals opposed to the leftist ideology of seizing power by the barrel of the gun and engineering ‘class wars’, to book pseudo-intellectuals/ urban Naxals who justify massacres by the Maoists and promote the ideology of usurping power by physical and psychological terrorism.

Needless to say, intellectual terrorism is far worse than physical terrorists as it is the former which spawns the latter. The Government of India, needs to very seriously address the issue of these intellectual terrorists being employed in various Universities, State and private, causing a huge damage to India and aiding the cause of forces inimical to India.

News input and image source: Organiser.

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