The issue of Gyanvapi survey is in the headlines. Quoting him, the Hindu side is claiming that Shivling has been found in the Vazukhana of Gyanvapi Masjid. All the symbols of Hindu culture have been found inside the mosque. On the other hand, the Muslim side claims that what is being described as Shivling is a fountain. In the midst of all this, pictures making fun of Shivling started being shared indiscriminately on social media.

In the name of dismissing the claim of Shivling being found in Gyanvapi, they were not the only ones who could be dismissed as ignorant in ridiculing the Hindu faith and the idol of millions of people, Mahadev. Among them were professors and journalists too. There were engineers as well as other professionals. Those people whom society used to call intellectuals, these actions of them! This entire episode is a mirror of the double-facedness of the so-called Liberals. Liberals are not ready to take lessons from Ayodhya to Gyanvapi issue. Supporting the bigotry of one class and mocking the faith of another has become their mantra. Being anti-Hindu has become the benchmark of liberalism.

Think, most of the people who made fun of Shivling were those who, leaving India, in any corner of the world, taking the slightest blow to their faith, started chanting the melody of ‘Sar dhud se juda – sar dhud se juda’. Huh. What was even more shameful was that many people who were called liberals also came down in support of such ill-intentioned people and started insulting the Hindu faith publicly.

It is the misfortune of India that the Liberals are doing the exact opposite of their name. Those whose job should be to raise their voice against the evils of the society, they seem to be trying to force a section to live in the quagmire of bigotry. Support even evils in the name of freedom. What is the support for hijab in schools? Will its advocates justify the liberal purdah system? If the veil is a symbol of male dominance over women, is evil, then how is it progressive for schoolgirls to wear a burqa? The quirk of choice from above, the freedom to choose what to wear!

From the abolition of sati and purdah to widow remarriage… Hinduism has a history of religious reform movement against evils. But unfortunately there is no religious reform movement in Islam. Hardline Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia and UAE are also now on the path of reforms, but why is this not happening in India? For this the hypocrisy of the Liberals is no less guilty. Their hypocrisy is well known in matters like triple talaq to hijab. All citizens are equal in the eyes of the law, be it a penal code or a civil code… applicable to all citizens equally, what can be a greater progress than this, but Liberals oppose even a uniform civil code. Why separate personal laws on the basis of religion in a secular country?

Political nurturing of religious fanaticism is also a big problem. If the religious reform movement is not taking place in a particular section, then for this the selfishness of those political parties is no less responsible, which scratches the cycle of change before it comes out. The concern of these parties is that if Muslims become aware, If they start breaking the shackles of religious fanaticism, then these parties will not be able to beat them according to their own accord. The Muslim community has been harmed the most by their so-called sympathizers. Otherwise the community would not have been on the last rungs in the educational and economic field. The greatest example of the political nurturing of Muslim fundamentalists is the historical Shah Bano episode. In 1985, the Supreme Court ordered the husband of a divorced Muslim woman to pay maintenance every month. But under pressure from Muslim fundamentalists, the then Rajiv Gandhi government overturned the Supreme Court’s decision by enacting a law in Parliament in 1986. This move destroyed the sanctity of secularism. The dividing line of secularism and appeasement of Muslim fundamentalists was erased. Even today all the political parties and liberals are following the same hypocritical pattern. Not ready to take lessons from the past. The dividing line was erased. Even today all political parties and liberals are following the same hypocritical pattern. Not ready to take lessons from the past. The dividing line was erased. Even today all political parties and liberals are following the same hypocritical pattern. Not ready to take lessons from the past.

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