New disputes are arising every day within the country. At present, loudspeakers installed at religious places are in discussion. The Supreme Court has said that freedom of religion cannot infringe on the fundamental right of anyone. Those who do not want to hear the voice cannot be forced to listen. In May last year, the Allahabad High Court had ruled that giving azaan is the right of religious freedom, but not giving azaan through loudspeakers. Some rules have been made to limit the noise, according to which the loudspeaker in residential areas should have 55 decibels during the day and 45 decibels during the night.


Every state has different laws governing sound. Even within the state, there are different rules for noise control for different areas. These rules are not followed properly. The common people are also less aware of this. There is no need for loudspeakers in the faith. Whatever the religion, it should be followed in such a way that others do not suffer from it. The sound of loudspeakers creates noise pollution, which is very harmful for health. Therefore it is necessary to ban it. It should be applied equally to all religions.

The noises coming from loudspeakers cause a lot of harm to the sick person at home and the children studying. Therefore, arbitrariness in the name of religious freedom should not be allowed. No religion or religion was created to hurt others. While following our traditions, it is necessary to keep in mind that our mutual love and harmony remains. If something hurts others, then we should pay attention to ourselves and solve it. Rather, such a stubborn attitude should be adopted that a dispute arises and the government and the court have to take cognizance of it. This puts our mutual brotherhood in danger.

Some people take advantage of our mutual dispute for their own benefit. They are concerned with their own benefit and not the suffering of ordinary citizens. Only the common man of the country has to bear the loss due to these disputes. When the situation of dispute takes the form of riots, then people’s life and property are also in danger. In such a situation, we should act with our discretion. Don’t get caught up in other’s things. If we have to live together in this country, then we have to maintain love and brotherhood amongst ourselves, then only peace can prevail. There is also loss of national property in riots arising out of disputes and loss of nation is loss of every citizen.

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