The new strategy of Muslim radicals to attain demographic edge.

Any girl(18+) has all rights to choose her partner. She can choose to marry a man from any religion. So what is Love Jihad? A hoax? Love Jihad is when a guy hides his religion to trap a girl, threatens her convert else kills her.

Case 1- Rahim had posed as Arjun.

A Muslim man befriended the woman by calling her on wrong number(Random call) and had posed himself as Arjuna and got herself into the trap of love. The love grew so much that both of them reached the woman’s house and sexually abused her by pretending to be married. After staying for 4 days, when she wanted to return home, the woman talked about marriage. On this the young man said that I am not Arjun, I am Rahim. To marry me, you have to convert.

case 2- a married muslim man & father of three had posed as hindu to trap a hindu girl.

Arif a Married Man Father Of Three Had Posed as Hindu To Trap A Hindu Girl. He got married to her and then revealed his true identity. When girl decided to leave, he raped her with his friends and tried to burnt her alive.

Case 3- Danish had posed as john saluja and raj upadhyay.

Danish became John Saluja and Raj Upadhyay to marry a Hindu girl. Later He revealed his identity and forced her to convert. He used to show her videos of Zakir Naik and IS Chief Baghdadi. He beat her up and forced to abort her pregnancy.

case 4- Mohammed Shaqib pretended to be a ‘devout hindu’ aman.

Mohammed Shaqib pretended to be a “devout Hindu”, Aman, to trap a H girl. Girl left her family with 25 Lakhs rupees to live with ‘Aman’. Later Shaqib’s family killed her. Shaqib kept her whatsapp active to avoid any suspicion.

case 5- shamshad had posed as amit gurjar

Shamshad became Amit Gurjar to trap a single mother, Priya. He brought Priya and her daughter home and was living together. Shamshad killed Priya and her daughter both when she got know Shamshad’s real identity.

case 6- Sheikh sultan hides his identity to trap hindu girl.

Sheikh Sultan hides his identiy to trap a Hindu girl. Girl’s family was ready for marriage but they called it off when they came to know that Sheikh Sultan is pretending to be a Hindu. Sultan killed her.

case 7- Ajmal had posed as ashish to trap minor hindu girl.

Ajmal became Ashish to trap a minor Hindu girl. He raped her saying that he will marry her. When victim’s family filed complaint against Ashish, then only they found that he is not Ashish but Ajmal.

case 8- abdullah had posed as aman chaudhary and trapped minor hindu girl & raped her.

Abdullah creates a facebook ID with name of Aman Chaudhary. Abdullah uses a wig to trap a minor girl. He kidnapped her and raped her. When police caught him, they found that he already had 3 wives and 4 kids.

case 9- Priya married ejaz khan

Priya married Ejaz Khan against the wish of her family. Ejaz was pressuring her to convert when she refused to convert, Ejaz and his friend Shoaib took her to the forest and killed her.

case 10- sajan sheikh had posed as rohit das on facebook

Sajan Shaikh created a facebook profile names Rohit Das to trap H girl. 6 months later they met. he threaten her with suicide if she would not marry him. He asked her to wear Burqa to hide her face. She reached to police after knowing his real identity and saved herself.

case 11- samir hides his real identity to trap hindu girl

Samir hides his real identity and posed as Dalit to trap a H girl. When girl got to know her real identity she broke up with her. Samir started harassing her. Out of frustration, girl decided to suicide and hanged herself.

case 12- muslim doctor hides his marital status & makes physical relations with nurse.

Muslim doctor hides his marital status and makes physical relations with nurse. When girls get pregnant, he asked her to convert her religion to marry him. Later police found doctor was already married and had two kids.

case 13- Girl fell in love with a guy. later she got to know that his name was fake.

Girl fell in love with a guy. Later she got to know that his name was fake, she was ok with it. During marriage she got to know that Aamir lied about his religion too. But blind in love she ignored and chose to convert. Later she was harassed and beaten by family.

Case 14- rizwan had posed as guddu patel to marry a hindu girl

Rizwan became Guddu Patel to marry a Hindu girl. Girl’s family was ready for their marriage but saved her girl when they got to know his real identitiy.

case 15- wasim had posed as dinesh ravat on facebook and trapped hindu girl.

Wasim made a facebook ID with Dinesh Ravat. He also made a fake Aadhar Card with his fake name. He trapped a Hindu girl and raped her for years. He made videos of her made them viral.

case 16- hindu girl visited saloon, where she met ajju.

Hindu girl visited saloon, where she met Ajju. Ajju asked her to fill a feedback form, from where he took her number. They started meeting frequently. He forcefully married her and took her to home and raped her with other 3 guys Afsar, Shaanu and Masood.

case 17- Safraj hussain had posed as raj vishnoi to trap a hindu girl.

Safraj Hussain became Raj Vishnoi to trap a Hindu girl. To win her heart he went to temple and did Puja. They got married. One day she got to know his real identity but agreed to live with her. His family tortured her to covert. She was even raped by her Bro-in-law.

Case 18- arif hussain had posed as chhotu singh to befriends hindu girl and raped her

Arif Hussain became Chhotu Singh. Befriends a Hindu girl and raped her. They got married at Shiv temple but when she got to know his real identity, he got Nikaah done. Later she got to know that he was already married. He forced her kids to eat beef. Later gave Triple Talaq.

Case 19- Akhtar hides his name and religion to befriend a hindu girl

Akhtar hides his name and religion to befriend a hindu girl. Marries her in a temple. After marriage when girl came to know about his real identitiy, he along with his father and brother harassed and molested her.

Case 20- Rafique had posed as ravi to get close to a hindu girl.

Rafique Became Ravi To Get Close To A Hindu Girl. She Needed A Masseur And Rafique Used To Come To Her Place. Her Family Gave Him A Mobile Too. He Even Used A Fake Aadhaar To Prove His Identity.

Case 21- Farhan introduced himself as Rahul and gets close to a hindu girl

Farhan introduced himself as Rahul and gets close to a hindu girl. He convinced her to marry her and tried to make physical relation.

Case 22- A muslim man Tipu Sultan(30Yrs) had posed as Satish to lure a hindu girl(19Yrs)

Man named Tipu Sultan(30Yrs) is arrested for faking his identity & trying to lure a Hindu girl(19Yrs) to marry him. He faked his identity as Satish. He had physical relationship with girl 3 months ago & came to her village to marry her. Sultan is already married & has 2 children

When a man beats his wife for dowry he is charged with Dowry Prohibition Act, but when he does same to convert her, there is no law. That law is what BJP governments are trying to bring.

Credit: Befittingfacts (Shashank Bhaiya)

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