Mamta Banerjee is on her way to complete the leftover dream of Communists. Mamta Banerjee’s political party and Communists must not be seen as two different entities. The incidents which are repeatedly taking place in West Bengal is continuously shouting the same. “Bharat Tere Tukde Honge Inshallah Inshallah”, the idea to break Bharat into several parts is not something which came from the mind of Kanhaiya Kumar. Neither this came from Bharat hating Nivedita Menon nor from any JNUite. Yes they are are the proponents of this filthy and never happening idea but they are not the ones who manufactured it. The idea to break Bharat into several parts was built before the Independence of Bharat. Though this idea has always been crushed plenty number of times by the Nationalistic ideas but still it has some life left in it. And it seems Rahul Gandhi is trying tooth and nail to revive the idea of breaking Bharat into several parts or is trying to revive what is famously known as “GANGADHAR ADHIKARI THESIS”

Gangadhar Adhikari was a prominent Communist theoretician as well as one of the main apologists for the creation of Pakistan. He was one of the main leaders of Communist Party of India. Gangadhar Adhikari in 1942 predicted that India is not a nation and will be divided into parts in coming years. He said “The rational kernel in the Pakistan demand is that wherever people of the Muslim faith living together in a territorial unit form an nationality , they certainly have the right to autonomous state existence just like other nationalities in India such as Andhras, Karnatakis, Marathis, and Bengalis.” The thesis hatched by him in 1942 which said that ‘Indian’ is not a ‘Nationality’ but a collection of 18. Left Parties Have Always Shown Allegiance to Their Global Masters than Support National Interest.

But it needs to be noteds that Mamta Banerjee’s approch to fullfill the dream to ending the civilizational longevity is a bit different from that of Communists. Mamta is not working to make the Territories ceed but is working to change the civilizational Nature of Bharat.


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