Few days ago Romanian police arrested former kickboxer, social media influencer and the flag bearer of toxic masculinity Andrew Tate, over rape, human trafficking and other charges. In 2016, while a guest on the British reality show Big Brother, Tate came under scrutiny for his racist comments. A video of him also went viral where he was seen hitting a woman with a belt. This caused him to be removed from the show.

Andrew Tate is recent years have became very popular among men. He claims to be reviving Masculinity which is in present age under attack. His views has attracted a significant number of men which see him as a “massiah” trying to revive the lost masculinity. Many Hindu men too are falling into the “Andrew Tate Cult” and have became fanboys of him which is a matter of concern.

Hindu Men must not cling to the growing Andrew Tate Cult. The guy, Andrew Tate literally backed his father for cheating his own mother!! Not opposing him to score brownie points from girls and to please or co-opt Islamists. The growing “Andrew Tate cult” lies in the same bracket with that of “Feminism” and stands at the opposite to Dharma.

Both the concepts intend to create hegemony of a particular gender by wearing a garb of “equality and victimhood” and therefore undermines Dharma. Clinging over the concepts made for completely different societies with different social values is nothing but self loathing tendency. Dwelling deep into the Shastras to learn the role, rights and responsibility both genders have towards the civilization needs to be normalised again. It also needs to be noted that Andrew Tate recently converted to Islam. Also Andrew Tate disrespected Hinduism and mocked Bhagwan Ganesha and mocked the religious beliefs of Hindus !!

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