Day in and Day out , we keep seeing fake Hijaban Ilhan Omar talk about how Muslims are persecuted in India.Oh dear, spare me the comedy .First of all let’s talk about miss fake hijaban.

She fought for Hijab to be allowed in US Congress (after she won the Muslim dominant seat in Minneapolis ).

Miss drama queen , Hijab is meant to cover ALL of a woman’s body , except face. So neck , arms, ears are also not allowed to be shown .Something you used to wear before you won .

WASHINGTON, DC – SEPTEMBER 22: Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) listens during a news conference on the treatment of Haitian immigrants at the U.S. border in Texas on September 22, 2021 in Washington, DC. Photos of U.S. Border Patrol agents on horseback grabbing Haitian immigrants at the U.S. border with Mexico have caused outrage amongst Democratic lawmakers on Capitol Hill who are now calling on President Joe Biden to stop the deportation of immigrants to Haiti. (Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)

What you wear is a fashionable turban , only covering hair.Your neck , ears and many times arms are visible to all , even non mehram men. Astargirfullah . So either wear a hijab properly or don’t. Please don’t do drama. It pretty much expose what a fake wannabee you are.

Secondly, you are not an Indian, and have NO connections to India .


You were born in Mogadishu, Somalia , a poor country with NO HUMAN RIGHTS or progress. You fled a civil war, live din refugee camps and were granted asylum inot USA , who gave you money , protection ,equality and a good life. and now you trash talk them and want to turn them into bankrupt Somalia .HOW UNGRATEFUL.

Christians are being persecuted in Somalia (and all other muslim majority countries) , why don’t you speak about that ?


Hindus are being killed in India by islamists . Sikhs are being killed by islaimists in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Hindus are being killed by islamists in Pakistan . CARE TO SPEAK ABOUT THAT ? Oh wiat , miss fake hijaban will always play victim like her ilk .

Christians are being ethnically cleaned by your fellow Muslims , no word. Sunnis are killed in Shia majority countries. No word, Shias are killed in Sunni majority countries, no word BUT BARK ALL DAY LIKE A RABID BITCH about Muslims being oppressed.

Oh no miss fake hijaban , your drama and rants about Muslims being victims are as fake as your Hijab. Muslims are killing kaffirs everywhere and want to eastablish Global Islamic Caliphate .

No one is falling for it or believing your lying ilk anymore.

oh BTW where is your ex husband/brother /whatever .








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