You may think this article is written in satire, but in all seriousness this is my inner belief. This article has no academic value but purely my sense of understanding of Indian politics. If people disagree, put forth your comments and I will discuss them.
In India as they say, nothing is impossible!

After his drubbing in Amethi by SI, there are only 2 reasons that Raul is still in the political arena : –
1. NM wants him to be there
2. Madam wants him to be there
3. There is no 3rd option!

Lets explore the more benign option 1.
NM supports Raul(Captain Slow for me), because the more he has Captain Slow in the scene, easier it is for him to differentiate his quality to the public. Slow is actually very slow to grasp things and is unable to think on his feet. You can google Slow on YouTube or WhatsApp videos that keep coming all the time, declaring the IQ level of Slow.
My favorite is when he agreed to be interviewed by AG. This clip is 18 mins and a longer version is also available, you can search it

Larger question for me remains who was the BJP mole in Congress who got them to agree to this interview, that was going to be savage? AG must be rubbing his hand in glee on the carnage he was going to deliver when he got the green light. Congress agreed, knowing fully well AG was going to destroy Slow in Round 1 itself. The suffering that Slow endured over 1 full hour was unbearable for me. AG played a primary role in helping India realize the “true potential” of Slow.

Furthering my argument on those lines, I also think, someone from BJP must be sponsoring Slow to not abandon politics as that would harm India’s progress overall. Keeping Slow at the forefront creates too much frustration in the opposition. Entire opposition knows the true worth of Slow is in negative value, but they are unable to throw him off the perch. It really works for India. Case in point the consultants that are advising him in his latest Twitter outburst

First of all, what is it with his hair? Has BJP infiltrated so deep in Congress, that they are now controlling his hair style through “Hari Ram Nai”? The consultants that Congress is hiring, one after the other are making a mockery of Slow. I can continue on option 1 but you get the drift I am taking here. I can’t kill the dead horse anymore!

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Moving on Option 2. Now this is the more sinister theory I harbor. But if you keep an open mind, you will come to think like me & not associate me as a half crazy lunatic from Italy

I think Madame loves NM. Yep there I said it. Don’t roll you eyes in disbelief, I actually mean it. In fact, I would go so far as to say it, that she is head over heals in love with him
See my logic is simple, every mother knows her child.

Take my case in point, my mother knew I was not going to do anything great in life. She would go to all Guru’s in Prayagraj every year, when I did not get good marks. She only had one question, will I be OK as an adult? Will I be a gainfully employed adult? All the Guru’s would mumble something to keep her heart, they would not fleece her, but they would also not tell her anything clearly. But my mother knew!

This is not the case with fathers though. My father on the hand believed, I would crack IIT. Now that’s confidence in the child, when I was marking the answers on the screening paper making a shaded pattern. I had no clue on anything that was being asked of me!

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Later on the day of the IIT results, my father purchased all newpapers to check my Roll Number! This is what is called unbridled love & hope a father has, but MOTHERS KNOW

Why am I giving this background? I don’t like washing my dirty linen in public. But for the larger good you need to understand this, that MOTHERS KNOW!

Slow’s mother knows that he is slow and he will never make it, ever. But in her hatred for NM, through her political journey she has fallen in love with him and wants him to rule India forever, till he so desires.
How can she confirm that happen? By keeping Caption Slow in the race!

Rant Over

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