What happened in America on Jan 6. Is exactly what happened in India on Jan 26. Both leaders were framed for violence against their people. Why?

Because both leaders are nationalistic. The people who rule the world want OPEN borders and OPEN trade. Why? So they can shift manufacturing bases wherever labour is cheapest without facing extra cost. Every country is a pawn to their game. These are obviously the owners of the big corporates.

They even know how to manipulate and destroy whole countries. See, when prosperity happens in a country, like China, labour becomes expensive as they earn more. So they need a disaster and destroy that country completely so they can come later and take labour for peanuts. This does not happen in one country often, its a whole world phenomena. A country goes down every 10 years or so.

What’s more important is Monopoly. They want to kill all democracies in the world so they can protect their wealth forever. So free people cannot rise against them , and they can forever live in peace. They don’t kill democracies with dictatorships, its quite nuanced. They buy the leaders, and everything happens backdoors. While they keep talking about Unity. You see because no-one is there to question them when they Own the media themselves. America sold its soul since the 1970s. If you look up, average wage since then to now hasn’t changed even a bit. Politicians are just people, and they are nothing against the large sums of money corporates can provide.

Coming to India. Like I said they don’t want Modi in power anymore. They will do everything in their power to take him out. They will rule using soft power. They want to use technology and data for farmers, whereas modi wants corporate farming. The difference is , they will have monopoly slowly and quitely, like they do today in shopping, travelling,etc. Modi is doing that in your face. What he is doing isn’t right, but atleast its honest.

So whats the end result? Modi is financed by corporates. If you see his election funding, an average contribution is above $10k. Thats the average. So we can make a case he is working for old legacy companies that have been in India for a long time but cant fight the GREAT Internet wave. No one can. Internet allows much larger scale than any physical on ground companies can.

We support Modi or Soros, it doesnt matter. One serves the Rich , the other serves the Ultra Rich. Platforms like these can only save us.


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