Jianli Yang, a former Chinese military official and son of a leader in the Chinese communist party, accepted that ‘More than 100 Chinese soldiers were killed in the dreadful conflict between Indian and Chinese soldiers, in the night of 15th June.

The son of a former leader of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Yang Jinali, has claimed that more than 100 Chinese soldiers have been killed at the hands of the Indian Army in the Galwan Valley, but the Chinese government is not deliberately releasing the figures. Yang said that if told about the soldiers, it would be difficult for Chinese President Jinping and there would be a revolt in the party.

Gianli has written that the PLA has been a major part of China’s authority for a long time. If the feelings of the PLA cadre working in the service of the country are hurt, then it will join the retired soldiers along with the barricade against the government of the country. The article published in the Washington Post stated that Beijing fears that if it believes that more of its own soldiers were killed than India, unrest may spread in the country and the CCP’s power may also be in trouble.

Updates – On 29th July, Gen Bakshi confirms via Twitter

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