The Permission has been granted to a Muslim businessman to convert a well-known London landmark into a mosque. Asif Aziz, 56, often known as “Mr. West End,” has been given permission to transform the Trocadero into a 1,000-seat mosque in the capital’s heart. The historic building was purchased by a real estate mogul for nearly £220 million in 2005, but construction on the mosque was put on hold after protests from far-right organisations and some locals in 2020. The council spokesperson said “A planning application by the Aziz Foundation to convert a part of the London Trocadero was approved by the council’s planning committee in May 2023,”.

Within months, worshippers could enter the three-story, 390-capacity space, which is anticipated to be called the “Piccadilly Prayer Space.” The mosque will serve local Muslims who work nearby as well as tourists, according to Aziz’s charity. The London Pavilion Theatre originally occupied the historic entertainment complex The Trocadero, which was built in 1896. The Trocadero, an iconic entertainment complex dating back to 1896 was once home to the London Pavilion Theatre, SegaWorld and the UK’s first 3D IMAX cinema.

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