The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) has released a report which reveals that children of non-Christian women prisoners are being subjected to illegal evangelism. The report was made after a study was conducted by the NCPCR to find the educational status of children of woman convicts in prisons.

According to the Indian Express the report says that in eight prisons meant for women in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar and Maharashtra Bible lessons are taught to non-Christian children.

The Express states that the NCPCR report is based on 144 responses received from women prisoners, their children, heads of children’s homes and hostels, heads of schools and prison officials.

The NCPR report enumerates the problems identified and observations made during the visits to jails by the NCPCR team. It states that a prison for women at Lucknow has permitted an NGO to teach Bible to the children living there, whether they are Christians or not.

The report also speaks about a surprise visit to a children’s home in Ghaziabad which houses children of women prisoners. At the Asha Deep Foundation, a Christian NGO, the report states that it was found that even non-Christian children were being taught Bible.

The report states, “The Commission conducted a surprise visit and retrieved around 26 Bibles from the lockers and rooms of the non-Christian children”.

The NCPCR blamed the authorities and state machinery for the gross negligence to allow illegal evangelism on children under their watch and care. The report states, “Thus, gross negligence on the part of state machinery who fail to bear the responsibility towards these children, eventually provide access to these vulnerable children and further perpetuate their vested interests”.

The NCPCR cites that allowing such illegal evangelist activities in prisons is in violation of the Juvenile Justice Act, 2015 which defines these children as “Children in need of Care and Protection” “and makes it binding on the State machinery to ensure that these children do not fall prey to institutions which not only compromises with their safety and security but also denies them the right to preserve their identity, including nationality, name and family relations as recognised by the law without unlawful interference (UNCRC)”.

IT is quite surprising that the jail authorities allow the Christian missionaries to indulge in illegal activities as trying to convert non-Christian children to Christianity by subjecting the young non-Christian minors to Christian religious teachings and weaning away the vulnerable children from their original faith.

It is also surprising that how do the authorities allow such vulnerable children to be housed in Christian NGOs for care and protection? What if the same children are instead housed in ashrams run by Sadhvi Hritambara and non-Hindu children are taught holy Hindu scriptures along with Ramayana, Bhagwat Geeta etc? Wouldn’t a mere proposal of such move raise the hackles of the “secular” cabal in the media, politics, so-called human rights activists and even a uber-secular section in the judiciary which thinks that the Sanskrit shloka, “Astoma sadgamaya …” as communal? Then why are the vulnerable children being housed in Christian NGOs using tax payers’ money?

It is hoped that the various government authorities take notice of the NCPCR report which has flagged this sensitive issue of evangelism explosion which does not spare even young unfortunate vulnerable children whose mothers happen to be convicts in prisons.

News input: The Indian Express.

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