Muslim clerics, fakirs, occultists, pirs, and exorcists have a reputation for being pedophiles while disguising their services as treatments for black magic. While mainstream media frequently refers to such offenders as “tantriks” and includes photographs of saffron-robed men in their broadcasts for the sake of “secularism.”

Another similar incident was the sexual assault of a Hindu woman who was brought to Maulana Ataullah Qasmi (about 40) in order for him to cure her condition. Although Qasmi hails from Palamu in Jharkhand, he was practicing quackery at Shahdol in Madhya Pradesh.

Shivshankar Yadav (28), a driver by trade, and a relative of the woman was enraged by this violation of trust and killed and burned the occultist. After Qasmi vanished on September 21, authorities quickly closed the case and secured Yadav’s confession.

However, this was sufficient for the entire Islamist ecosystem to portray the problem as one of “Muslim persecution”. However, Yadav has no such connection to the Bajrang Dal, Asaduddin Owaisi, an AIMIM MP, swiftly seized on this manufactured gibberish and urged the PM to outlaw Bajrang Dal in the same way that it outlawed PFI. Abdul Khaleque, an Assam-based congressman, mirrored Owaisi’s views. Even a Bangladeshi Islamist joined in.

For Islamist supremacists, this is standard practice. They will entirely ignore the hundreds of terrorist actions committed by PFI, the Ghazwa-e-Hind ideology, economic crimes, and dubious connections with international terror organizations, and they will falsely compare PFI to Hindu organizations. If a Muslim is accused of committing a crime against a kafir, an Islamist will argue that even that Muslim is deserving of salvation.

It is unfortunate that Asaduddin Owaisi is portrayed by mainstream media (MSM) as the “inspirational, articulate” face of Muslim politics, despite the fact that he and his party are the descendants of the vicious Razakar mentality that sought to unite Hyderabad with Pakistan. Although Owaisi and his brother have both delivered vehemently anti-Hindu statements in the crudest of tones, dhimmi MSM anchors adore him as Owaisi’s “sahib.”

This incident also demonstrates the widespread ignorance among Hindus, who continue to place our faith in quackery and occultists. This is the result of our Dharmic institutions’ failure to disseminate the actual teachings of Dharma throughout the nation due to their lack of direction.

Our law enforcement system must also consider why individuals like Shivshankar Yadav feel driven to enact their own laws, such as the fact that Islamist rapists are frequently lynched in the North East. Is it any wonder that trust in the system has reached an all-time low when rapists and terrorists are frequently released on bail or parole by left-liberal, virtue-signaling judges or as a result of ineffective investigations?

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