Republic Day 2021. The capital has almost been sieged by a bunch of so called farmers, on the same day the country showcased its strength to the world. What a disgrace!

Who allowed this? What message does it send to the common man? Shaheen Bagh, Farmers Protest go on for days and months while the common man suffers, stranded on the street, apprehensive of venturing out and wondering what next!

By now everyone knows who the real farmers and who the real protesters are. The fakeness of the protesters have been long proved but what justifies inaction of the Government when buses are being burnt, stones pelted, flag desecrated and policemen injured.

Why were these protests not nipped in the bud? What restraint are we talking about? Is this what the common people want from a Government they have voted to majority? What kind of masterstroke is this?

The Nation shamed on Republic Day!

Recalling the arrests made by Delhi Police during Diwali

Since public memory is short, here is to remind that the same Delhi Police arrested people for buying/bursting firecrackers on Diwali.

Recalling Munger…

Whatever was the logic in the police firing is beyond any comprehension! A mother lost her child who was only participating in the yearly tradition. Maa’s ‘Shobha Yatra’ turned into a massacre; traditions broken, lives lost and no hope of the guilty being ever brought to book!

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