In a recent assessment, the state administration of Uttar Pradesh discovered nearly 7,000 unrecognized madrasas. When unrecognized madrasas fulfill the conditions imposed by the government, the survey will grant them recognition.

The district magistrates have to submit their reports by November 15 in order for the final list of unrecognized madrasas to be made public.

The process to determine the precise numbers will take some time, according to Iftikhar Ahmed Javed, Chairman of the Uttar Pradesh Board of Madrassa Education. Nevertheless, we have estimated that there are approximately 7,500 such madrassas, which were surveyed by teams in 75 districts by Thursday night.

He said, “There are 16 513 recognized madrassas in Uttar Pradesh, and 560 of them receive government funds (salary to employees, including teaching and non-teaching ones). 350 madrassas have fewer than 15 students. The wage scales for the teaching staff at 560 madrassas are comparable to those in secondary government-run schools…”

A scholarship is awarded to deserving students from all registered madrasas as part of the madrasa modernization scheme, which provides funding for Shiksha Mitra to 744 madrassas.

Once the unrecognized madrasas fulfill the government’s stipulated conditions, such as having a classroom, table, bench, chairs for pupils, sufficient lights, fans, toilets, and other essentials, they will be recognized by the Board of Madrassa Education.

Additionally, they are eligible to apply for both teaching and non-teaching employee salaries.

A government spokeswoman claims that Gorakhpur has 150 unofficial madrassas, Lucknow, Azamgarh, Varanasi, and Mau each have 100, while Aligarh has 90, Kanpur has 85, Prayagraj has 70, and Agra has 35.


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