1947 the independence and the partition- Day of promise and curse caused irreparable damage to the fabrics of Indian Sub-continent.

Pakistan fought with an identity crisis from day one. It had to obliterate its history to manufacture an existential identity.  They gave up Harappa, Mohenjo-Daro, Sindh, Taxila, Panini and King Dahir else they would have been identified as the children of Hindu ancestors.

Instead they took up Arabic identity.  Failed to copy their dress, language, Kabila life, food they struggled for decades with their changed name. Once Arabia refused to acknowledge Pakistani as of their descent, these Pakistani turned to Turkey for identity.  Nowadays ask a Pakistani in the street and he would tell you crazy unheard unrelated names and stories of Turk. And who knows what next? The way China has started colonizing the nation, tomorrow Pakistani can claim to be of Han Mongol descent as well.

While such contradictions continued to confuse the social fabric, Sectarian division and ethnic conflict deteriorated. The social order skewed towards dominant majority Sunni Islamic society. And those who were instrumental in defining the identity of Pakistan once were now shooed away as outcasts.

In 1947, When Pakistan was conceptualized, a Hindu Dalit Jagdev Mondal was made first law minister of nation to give it a Secular identity. In a few years, he was shunted, insulted, abused and threatened to leave Pakistan. He came back to India and stayed peacefully thereafter. But left behind millions of Dalit Hindu follower to receive routine religious persecuted since then.

Mohazir, the Urdu speaking Muslim, another group who left India adopted Pakistan to offer it a cosmopolitan identity had no different story to tell. The sectarian hate and killing by Punjabi, Pasto and Sindhi speaking Pakistani in the streets of Karachi reduced these Mohazir to a stateless citizen today. Their leaders were either assassinated or ran away to London for their safety. But again left behind millions of Mohazir to face the vicious cycle of humiliation and violence.

Another amazing enthusiast were Ahmadiyyas, the most vicious and violent in their aggression against Hindu and Sikh during partition And what is their story today? They have been ostracized from the country which they built. Today they are not recognized as even Muslim rather categorized as a non-believer. Banned from all public and civil life they are stateless citizens. They are running for shelter and life cover as refugee.

And last to know is the plight of Hazara Shia of Baluchistan. These were the original descendents of Mongols Changez khan a Buddhist himself who was scourge of Asia at one point of time. He decimated Bagdad, Tehran, Ankara, Kabul and Peshawar. Some of their descendent after converting into Shia Islam stayed back at Baluchistan.  They were named Hazara because they used to attack in thousands (Hazar). In 1947 these Hazara invited Pakistani establishment to invade Baluchistan and incorporate it as province of Pakistan. Important to know that Baluchistan had a claim of remaining an independent province in 1947 which British agreed to. Hazara was a frontline warrior for the state of Pakistan in annexing Baluchistan. And today these Shia hazara are subject to daily brutal violence under threat of existence.

The pages of Pakistan diary are too bloody and murkier. It is too full of deceit and hypocrisy. It is time that every society should learn a lesson from reading these pages. Shall come with another page later on.

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