Give with one hand, take it away with the other.  This is the U.S. policy towards the failed state of Pakistan.  Biden, and the Democrats, probably desperate given low approval ratings, are gearing up for midterm elections.  Since the highest TV-rating personality Trump is not on their immediate radar, the Dems have to find a new enemy.  Enter Pakistan.
Poor beggars in Pakistan have to take whatever they are given since they are ever-ready with their begging bowls.  This includes taking insults and whatever “daan” and “gyan” the west spits on them along with a few billion pennies which they will unmistakably use for terrorist activities in the region.  With power comes great responsibility and in the case of Pakistan, with begging comes great subservience.  Pro-Pakistani and Islamist rags are trying to change the narrative about Biden’s comments by pretending that Bilal, who has just now learned to tie his shoelaces, has supposedly “summoned” the U.S. Envoy over the comments.  “Summoned” is the wrong word choice here as beggars have zero power or legitimacy to make demands, much less summon anyone.  Even Pakistan’s polity is not taking the joker elites seriously so who do these mullah rag publications think they are fooling?  When the U.S. asks to bend, there is just one response, “how low?” if that fat check has to be cashed.
Speaking of fooling, a delegation from Pakistan arrived at the Dulles airport in DC and the finance minister’s entourage consisting of what looked like eager for tips Uber drivers was heckled at the airport by American Pakistanis; choice words were exchanged, through the use of English language by the minister had Twitterati rolling on the floor, laughing.  The video shows a couple of men shouting: “You’re a liar. You’re a chor” and the Pakistani finance minister is visibly threatening the man with “I will F__ you up” type language.  There will probably be no consequences as to why would the U.S. want to give the hypocrisy any more attention to the underhanded “aid” and “charity” in exchange for verbal admonishing.  
By the way, this isn’t the first time that Pakistani babus have been shown the mirror in public nor will it be the last.  These folks get called out at coffee shops, restaurants, and even at places of worship on foreign lands.  These scumbags have become the butt of jokes, especially in their own media.  However, they are oblivious to the needs of the common people and show no ounce of shame or remorse as such videos go viral.  
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, and when the U.S. gives you weapons, ____.  This is probably why some in #GayaPakistan are celebrating being the most dangerous nation in the world.  Nothing good can be expected from Pakistan, a true pest and leech on the globe.  The same is proving to be true for Biden and the Dems.

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