A new controversy is at play in Pakistan, another proof of a country constantly at war with itself.  A couple’s wedding shoot at a mosque in Sindh has put the zealots of the country in a frenzy.  Before we go into the details of this incident, let us take a look at the backdrop, and try to analyse how their minds are filled with rotten camel milk, and nothing else.

The Taj Mahal was built by Shah Jahan. That is to say, he commissioned the project. It is a different matter that there are many questions in this regard, and the answers to them are locked in the basement of the Taj Mahal itself, which was sealed by the Congress government, so that the truth could be covered up.
The written history of India, when talking about the Mughals, they are presented in such a way which suggests that India was a country full of ill-mannered, uncouth and incompetent people, which was enhanced and embellished by the foreign invaders.

Funny thing is, those who present such a statement wish to white wash the grand mandirs built here almost half a century before the birth of Jesus Christ, and these remain a wonder even today in the twenty-first century, in terms of their construction. It is quite evident that the construction of these temples would not have been possible without ample knowledge of mathematics. On the other hand, the condition of the Arabs was such that they did not even have zero as a number. In fact, numbers are called ‘Hindsey’, or Hind-se in their language.  Even this was borrowed from India. Here in India, you can also find wonders of constructions which are dated five to seven thousand years old, even older perhaps.

Those who glorify the invaders, try to make eery possible effort to show the local people in bad light about their customs, clothing, food, and living conditions.
The truth is, the invaders belonged to those areas where nothing grew in the land, where the economy was in ruins.  That is why they used to fight with each other and raided the surrounding prosperous areas in search of wealth.

Those who made the attackers heroes even went so far as to say that the attackers had brought the dishes like Biryani and Pulaau! If a land was not producing rice, how could they have rice based dishes in their cuisine?

This topic requires a complete thesis, a well researched and elaborate document. So let us get to the main point behind this write up.
India presented the Taj Mahal to the world as a monument of love, and this attracted tourists from all over the world.

The question is, how can the project of Shah Jahan be considered a monument of love, while he was a grotesque sex maniac who did not even spare his own daughter?  When his wife or his maid servant said to him, how can you ask for her in your bed, as she was born from your own progeny, he became so restless that he gathered the Ulema and like at his court. The court appointed religious leader than gave in edict …. It is permissible to eat fruit from a tree planted by one’s own hand.

This dark corner of Muslim history can be found in the travelogue of French traveller, Dr. Francois Bernier, who came to India during the reign of Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb, and stayed here for 12 years. The travelogue is called Travels in the Mogul Empire AD 1656 – 1668. Dr. Bernier had joined the court of Shah Jahan, and was often called upon by other esteemed members for alcohol, which was banned for being Haram.  Many in India who pose themselves as scholars, will try to pass this as an exaggeration and will quote “The Great Mughals and their India”, but will negate other information shared by the same author about Mughals.  The truth remains, that if we look at the overall conduct of Mughals, none of them pass the test of morality and ethics, and all of them are known to have led lives full of vice.

The bias of Indian and western historians is very much exposed.  Additionally, Muslims born in UP who consider themselves stalwarts of Islam and history, usually call this gross exaggeration from the Europeans. They forget that generationally speaking, they are the off spring of a Hindu or a Jain.  Yet they will be the first  to wash away the demonic practices of Muslim rulers. It is because of them, that this disease of lying about history penetrated among converted Muslims from other areas too.

The narrative is, Taj Mahal is a symbol of love and Shah Jahan is believed to belong to it, and people all over the world believe in the same idea. On 11th April 2023, a couple in Pakistan thought that another Shah Jahan building Shahi Masjid in Thatta, Sind, was also a monument of love. They posted selfies kissing each other in that mosque, as their wedding shoot was being filmed there. These images went viral with the title of Gustakh e Rasool (blasphemy) by the followers of Khadim Hussain Rizvi aka Khadim Gaalvi, who is notorious for using choice abuses in Punjabi throughout his Islamic speeches. Today is Jumma Mubarak (Friday), and all kinds of disfigured, black hearted imbeciles from all over Punjab (Pakistan) as well as Sindh will arrive at the Shahi Masjid, and take out a procession to protest against the ‘desecration’ of this mosque.

It is quiet obvious that the brains of Pakistani ‘Muhajirs’ who call themselves champion of Islam, is filled with the songs of Arab camels.  In the same manner an overdose of camel milk has rotten the minds of the Sindhis. They are abetting in the cook up to disaster and are facilitating all the mad goons in coming from Punjab. At the same time, many state sponsored culturalists and thinkers portray the impression that Sindh is the land of culture and tolerance and that there is no space for religious extremism there.  No one is asking the question from these Pakistanis, how it is acceptable when Molvis sexually abuse and rape little children, both boys and girls, inside the very same mosques? There are dozens of videos of these Molvis with children and many have gone viral. Why are there no protests held on similar lines when dozens of children suffer frequently? Where does the sanctity of mosques go then?

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