AAn incident in France broke out where an Islamic immigrant student to France beheaded his teacher shouting the name of Allah. Indian media jumped in with excuses that terror has no religion, despite his calling out loud the name of his religious god. However, the supreme leader of France has ridiculed out open that the act of beheading a teacher is outrightly an act of Islamic terrorism.

In another case, two students in India have scored a perfect in a national entrance exam for the engineering programs. Indian media at the same time came open glorifying the religion of the Islamic student, who probably would have skipped any act of Islamic religious practices for the hard work to crack the exam. 

It should be a matter of utter shame for Indian media for not calling out the religion of terrorists to stop the mass radicalization. And where the religion must be ignored for the hard work they glorify the religion of that student. Indian media, hypocrites, and self-proclaimed journalists must understand that mere cracking an entrance exam by one hard-working student does not provide the shield to all the radical Islamic terrorists. 

On the other hand, there is a Hindu community whose girl also has scored a perfect despite being younger than that Islamic boy, Indian media completely ignored her reporting her hard work. All this shows how Indian media is ruled by Hindu haters and Islamic sympathizers. Their hate for Hindus is such that they don’t even report the hard work of a girl who is actually the topper being younger than the so-called topper. 

Oh, Indian media and jihadists of India, try to understand that is not the donkey age where we won’t get the religion of a terrorist even when he shouts loud Allahu beheading a teacher. This is the information age where we will appreciate Akanksha Singh who despite being younger than a boy scored a perfect. It is that age where we will openly call out the religion of the terrorists. It is time for Indian media too to call out the religion of terrorism.

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