PETA , an organization as it says ( People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) dedicated for animals and cruelty. People in many countries have so much hope on this organization however this organization operate selectively on animal cruelty. Majority of the people on this planet don’t accept the fact that it is a savior to animals. As it doesn’t have a presence in many countries. This organization based on the selective work and limited operations make it easy to hold the assertion that it is Inane.

Hanging Cow ready to be on death bed in Pakistan

As we go over the Muslim festival Eid al-Adha on Aug 1st , the feast of sacrifice during which cows, sheep and goats are slaughtered as per the Muslim protocol and distributed to those in need, as well as relatives. On this day, it’s a joy marked with visits with friends and family and gift-giving. However, in some locations the sacrifice of Cows, Goats and other animals didn’t go as per the protocol. In fact, the cows were killed in a much ghastly and inhumane way. A video that is circulating on twitter shows a Live cow was lifted to couple of hundred feet using a crane and while the insane people shouting with joy, the cow was dropped freely, and it succumbed to injuries and soon a man slit her half throat with bloods all over in the middle of the road. This ghastly event happened in Pakistan. By looking at that video, one can question, whether there are people who are so cruel to animals just to eat? Is it a sacrifice to the almighty in this way?

Over Joy People slitting Cow’s Throat on the occasion of Eid while People hitting its belly

In another event, A cow was tied with a rope and a man hit her belly using full power with his leg and soon people around him joined and hit her belly with their legs, so forcibly that the cow couldn’t hold the pain, later the person slit the half throat of the cow. All the men enjoyed the blood bath and pain of the cow. Perhaps, the Muslim clerics has to clarify if this is how the sacrifice is made while a living being is being hurt so badly and with all cruelty. These are just two events of this insane sacrifice. But Peta doesn’t acknowledge this nor take any action even if it is reported. As PETA does not raise the voice to express or condemn these events. Cows do have emotions, Cows do think why are they treated in such inhumane way for their meat. Cows do feel the fact that it is next to death row. Cows do feel that Humans drink their milk and in return they kill in the most dastardly way for the meat.

While PETA India, do not know how Hindu festivals are celebrated. “A Hinduphobic tweet”.

On the other note, PETA India has tweeted and wished Hindus for the Raksha Bandhan Celebrations with a cow and Rakhi in the backdrop . One wonder, why this picture is on the tweet while Hindus worship Cow and Rakhis are made out of cotton thread or a thread made of a fabric and this sacred event is specific for a Brother and a Sister and is being celebrated with much reverence and Hindus never use any animal dead products for any festivals. These tweets are more of Hindu Phobic rather than a message. PETA India doesn’t know the traditions of the land. How will they be able to operate and save Animals? PETA is an organization that selectively works and mostly the people are headless chickens and dimwits with all incompetence. 

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