Shova Majumdar, 85 year old mother of BJP leader Gopal Majumdar is the latest victim of bloody political culture in West Bengal since 1970 with the infamous Sainbari murder case, where the communists brutally murdered two brothers from the Congress and made their old mother eat rice soaked in the blood of her own sons!

Shova Majumdar, the elderly 85 year old mother of BJP leader Gopal Majumdar died on Monday morning, 29th March, as a result of brutal assault on her and her son by alleged TMC murderous goons.

Shova Majumdar

Shova had complained that a group of TMC workers has barged into her home on 27th February early morning and violently attacked her. She stated in her complaint to the police that she was pushed to the ground and severely beaten up, including on her face.

In her complaint she had also stated that the TMC goons who attacked her warned her to not complain against them and identify them to the police. Based on Gopla Majumdar and his mother’s complaints an FIR was filed by the police.

She suffered several serious injuries and was hospitalised immediately. She was discharged on 25th March, but she died just four days after.

Her death has created an outrage in social media, with people exasperated at the lack of safety for women in Bengal and TMC’s culture of political violence, which does not spare even elderly ladies.

Motably, with Mamata wresting power from the killer communists, the Harmad killer gang of the communist party simply shifted lock stock and barrel their allegiance to the TMC. People of Bengal started realising that Mamata has brought no change as promised by her after trouncing the communists. In fact she has only worsened situation by co-opting both the killer communist gang, the Maoists and the Islamist Jihadis in her party resulting in complete lack of law and order, appeasement of jihadi Islamists, adopting far-left economic policy driving away industries with added problem of commission extracting TMC goons.

This led many nationalist Bengalis to join BJP and work for a real change in West Bengal influenced by the able leadership of PM Modi. Many from the TMC were also disillusioned with the violent political culture in TMC and its appeasement policies prompting them to move towards the BJP.

The TMC, now replete with the killer gangs, started to kill BJP activists and RSS workers sensing their growing popularity posing a threat to TMC’s political dominance in West Bengal. The TMC has reportedly killed till now nearly 150 workers and activists killed till now.

During 2018, panchayat elections alone, 33 BJP workers were brutally murdered by the TMC. Ballot boxes were rigged and paper votes were torn and discarded in dirty canals. There were visual and video graphic evidence of TMC goons rigging votes, intimidating opposition candidates to the extent that opposition candidates were brutally attacked when they went to file their nominations, with a result that nearly all seats of Zilla Parishad were won by the TMC unopposed!

Shova Majumdar’s death is condemned by many netizens as a shameful incident and blot for Bengal.

The Home Minister, Amit Shah also expressed his deep anguish and pain on Shova’s death. Shah tweeted, “Anguished over the demise of Bengal’s daughter Shova Majumdar ji, who was brutally beaten by TMC goons. The pains and wounds of her family will haunt Mamata Didi for long. Bengal will fight for a violence-free tomorrow, Bengal will fight for a safer state for our sisters and mothers.”

Amit Malviya, BJP’s IT cell chief, tweeted on Monday asking, “This daughter of Bengal is dead. She was brutally assaulted by TMC cadres but Mamata Banerjee didn’t have a word of compassion for her. Who will heal the wounds of her family?” He also added that “TMC’s politics of violence has bruised Bengal’s soul”.

It is really hoped that the ensuing elections ushers in a Asol Poribarton in Bengal, famous for its Bhakti movement, spiritual glory and culturally grounded revolutionary freedom movement and sheds its murderous and negative political culture based on communist and jihadi ideologies.

News input: Swarajya, Hindustan Times, The Tatva.

Image sourced from ANI and social media.

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