Recently I came across a famous quote attributed to Albert Einstein. The quote goes like this 
“If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live.” When I came across this quote, my first thought is why a scientist of particle physics made such an interesting and intriguing comment on a topic related to some other branch of study?
This critical view drove me to dig deep into the point and I came across two interesting findings of the quote:
1. The quote was attributed to Einstein. There is no specific source to connect this quote to Einstein. This emerged for the first time in 1994, published in one of the leading newspapers of Brussels ( Belgium) when there was an agitation by some local beekeepers.
2. This quote is not an absolute truth or lie. But there is some interesting observation on it. Bees are the most important among the pollinators apart from birds, rodents, and some other small animals.
So, now the question in your mind might be why this fact-check on a networking site or blog.
I am not here to do the fact-check. But when I am going through the subject mentioned above, I came across a wonderful analogy between that topic and the activity of marketing that we do for our organizations.
The above-mentioned point 1 is a very well known marketing strategy of attributing our product or getting an endorsement for our service from a celebrity. Some companies even make some celebrities as their brand ambassador and I think I don’t need to go much deeper into that point.
But the interesting analogy I found is from the point no 2 mentioned above. Bees are the most important among the pollinators apart from a bird, rodents, and some other small animals.
This becomes an analogy if we compare the bees to our customers. Why should even compare bees only to our customers, why not to employees or investors? The answer lies in understanding the similarity between pollination and marketing. Pollination is a process by which plants transfer the male anther to a female stigma through a medium (generally bees or small birds). Marketing is an activity in which an organization transfers the idea or usage of its product to consumers using a medium. Bees help in transferring the pollen grain effectively between the plants. This is very much similar to customer advocacy as a marketing tool. Bees are drawn to plants with open or flat tubular flowers with lots of pollen and nectar. If we observe, this is very much similar to our consumer behavior. Consumers get attracted to products that are designed well and fit their usage and budget. It is very interesting if we know that plants produce flowers to attract bees so that they can regenerate and keep the species alive. This comes from the healthy and collective functioning of all the parts of the tree or plant. This is again similar to our organizations. If we cultivate the habit of a healthy and collective approach to a common business goal, we can attract more consumers and thus grow effectively. Above all points sum up to one profound thing which many startups and growing companies are missing. 1. A healthy organizational structure ensuring customer satisfaction and 2. a well-designed product that caters to the targeted customer’s need.
With this, I conclude my first article relating nature to a business organization. I will be back soon with some examples from mother nature which helps to analyze why some companies grow organically and why some companies struggle. Sorry, if I bored you. This is my first publishing. So please do not forget to share your feedback.
Get inspired by nature, and be adaptive.

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