According to an article by The Times of India, France closes mosque after ‘unacceptable’ preaching. France has ordered the closure of a mosque in the north of the country because of the radical nature of its imam’s preaching, regional authorities told AFP on Tuesday.

Screengrab of the article by The Times of India.

Earlier, the French Interior Minister Darmanin had announced about the closure of 21 mosques, claiming that they were witnessing “manifestations of extremism.” The Grand Mosque of Beauvais joined the list of mosques that have recently been closed by the French government.

Macron’s government closed the Grand Beauvais Mosque for a period of 6 months, under the allegations that the mosque’s sermons “incite hatred,” “violence” and “call for jihad.”

According to a report by Al-Estiklal Newspaper, These procedures came in light of the application of the Government’s controversial law entitled “Strengthening the Principles of Respect for the Values of the Republic,” which was first defined as “the fight against separatist Islam.”

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin announced the start of the legal process to close a mosque in the northern city of Beauvais, claiming that it was “providing sermons with extremist content.” In an interview with CNews TV on Tuesday 14 December, he added that Bilal Mosque in the city of Beauvais is instructing “extremist content,” and attacks Christianity, Judaism and homosexuality.

According to the French local press, the French province of Oise informed the officials of the Bilal Mosque that the mosque will be closed for 6 months. Also according to the French newspaper LeFigaro: “Agencies have monitored many sermons that incite hatred, violence, and glorification of jihad” by the imam of the mosque, and sermons broadcast on YouTube were monitored, which facilitated investigative work.”

On July 23, the French National Assembly (Parliament) had adopted the draft “Principles for Promoting Respect for the Values ​​of the Republic,” which was first defined as “the fight against separatist Islam.”

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