As Rajiv Malhotra says “RM Roy was a traitor who sold out to the colonizers and was built up as “Raja”. He began the legitimization of Hinduism’s dilution, inculturation & “reforming” it. As Bengali icon he encouraged many other Bengalis down this slippery slope.”

RM continues to say “Bengalis are of two kinds: A) Proud Hindu: Vivekananda. Aurobindo, Bose, Prabhupad … B) Apologetic w inferiority complex: RM Roy to Jyoti Basu, Mamta B and many others”

Britishers never officially recognized the title of Raja. The title got stuck to him during his stay in England where he was as the representative of Akbar Shah to make his case for royal stipend that he failed as well. English society recognized his talent as “religious reformer”.

In Bengal, his social & religious reform were direct attack on Hinduism. Attacking idolatry in Hinduism and tantrikism as a gross ritual he professed worshiping “one true god” which he preached was acceding to the Vedas. Later laying foundation of “Brahmanism”.

He dedicated his time more to campaign against “idolatry” than spreading his new found religion. His monotheistic view earned him respect of Britishers to the extent that Britishers even ignored his amassing wealth by “unfair” means. He minted money as a govt. employee.

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