Inter-faith marriages are hailed, promoted in India by so-called liberal gang as symbol of secularism till the men are always Muslim and the women Hindus, with the women being forced to convert to Islam and the children of such union being always Muslims. In rare cases, when a vice-versa story happens, the same liberal gang goes silent when the Jihadis harass and even kill the couple as the Muslim girl chose to marry a Hindu boy after converting to Hinduism out of her own volition.

A similar story has occurred in Mamata’s ‘secular’ West Bengal, after a young Muslim woman chose to marry a Hindu youth, and converted to Hinduism out of her own free will, the Hindu family was menacingly given death threats and harassed relentlessly by Jihadi mobs forcing them to flee their ancestral village in Bhirbhum.

Razia Khatun and Sujan Mal being influenced by the effusive praise from ‘secular’ politicicans and ‘liberals’ on Hindu-Muslim unity, communal harmony and love decided to marry as they had undying love for each other; not knowing the ugly face of Jihadi politics which allows only one way conversion to Islam in the name of love.

Sujan Mal hails from Sripur village, under Nalhati police station in Birbhum district, West Bengal. Sujan Mal married Razia Khatun on 25th June 2021, after the marriage Razia changed her name to Riya according to media reports.

Reportedly Razia says she is an adult, married of her own will and changed her name to Riya in her own volition. But this has incensed Razia’s family and other Muslims in her area and beyond who have been threatening and harassing Sujan’s family ever since the marriage.

Sujan Mal and Riya Mal reportedly tried to file a criminal complaint with the local police stating that Razia’s family is not ready to accept their marriage as legal and are constantly harassing them mentally and physically, but the police did allegedly did not register his complaint. Neither did the police give any security to Sujan nor was any action taken against the harassers.

The couple has been forced to flee the village fearing for their safety. Riya in her statement reiterated the fact that she is an adult, married and changed her name out of her free will. She also said that her family and other Muslims want to kill both her husband and her forcing them to flee the village as the local police did not register her complaint nor did they take any action to safeguard them.

Sujan and Riya Mal were force to leave Nalhati and take refuge in Sujan’s relatives’ place at Rampurath. The police instead chose to register a criminal case of kidnapping Razia against Sujan, due to which Sujan was further harassed by appearing at Rampurath court on 17th July. Sujan complained to the court alleging that the police is neither helping them to stay safe nor are they taking any action against the harassers making them live in fear of imminent death at the hands of Riya’s family and other Jihadists.

This case amply shows the endorsement of one way ‘Hindu-Muslim marriages’ where it is ‘politically correct’ and ‘secular’ for Hindu spouses to convert to Islam and communal to do vice-versa.

Image sourced from: Sudarshan News

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