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Who is Joe Biden? Let’s evaluate his last twenty years in the US Congress or Senate. Biden has always taken a radical left stand against centrist forces. Recently, he spoke his muslim agenda “”In Kashmir, the Indian government should take all necessary steps to restore rights for all the people of Kashmir. Restrictions on dissent, such as preventing peaceful protests or shutting or slowing down the Internet, weaken democracy.” This agenda of Biden is dictated from core leftist and Islamist ideologies. He supported Bosnian war against Serbian forces based on his muslim agenda. In the 2008 Presidential bid, he commented on Indians, “you cannot go to a 7-eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I am not even joking.” We have to delve deep into Biden’s entire career to understand the mindset of Biden. 

Starting from a humble net worth of around $400K as of 1999, Bidens reported income of $15.6 million in 2017-18. In 2019, he reported income of $8 million owing to different speaking engagements. By 2019, he famously reported that his middle class status was a ‘state of mind’. Everyone would love to have this state of mind. Coming to ‘state of mind’, Obama had to restrict him from openly expressing his impromptu ‘state of mind’ comments. He was repeatedly advised by the Obama administration to speak from prepared statements. In 1999, he openly lent support for NATO bombing of Kosovo to give a separate homeland for Bosnian Muslims and the breaking of Yugoslavia. In 2016, Biden paid a state visit to Serbia where he met with Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic and expressed his condolences for the civilian victims of the bombing campaign. Aleksander must have been surprised over his U-Turn. 

He was a big supporter of the 2001 war on Afghanistan saying, “Whatever it takes, we should do it.” Millions of innocents have died since then including more than 10000 American servicemen. Most American servicemen didn’t even know who they were fighting against because he also favored talks with Taliban. In 2002, he supported the military campaign against Saddam Hussein and favored trifurcation of Iraq into three loosely held federations of countries on the lines of Kurds, Sunnis and Shias. His pretext of war was weapons of mass destruction which were actually not found. More significantly, as chair of the committee, he assembled a series of witnesses to testify in favor of the authorization of war on Iraq. They gave testimony grossly misrepresenting the intent, history of and status of Saddam and his Sunni government, which was an openly avowed enemy of al-Qaeda, and touting Iraq’s fictional possession of weapons of mass destruction. This fake testimony made American position weak in the eyes of the world. While he eventually became a critic of the war and viewed his vote and role as a “mistake”. Later he vehemently opposed the troop surge in Iraq which was meant to protect American Troops. Iraq’s parliament vehemently opposed trifurcation of Iraq. Another U-turn. Whose interests was he serving?

In 2005, he met Muhammad Gaddafi to help release a Libyan activist. Later he supported the killing of Gaddafi. Another U-Turn. In 2008, he opposed the speech of President George Bush in Israeli Knesset, and later in 2015 he vehemently opposed Netanyahu’s speech in US Congress. Who’s direction he was working? Later in a private gathering, he remarked that he supports One Israel. Another U-Turn. In the 2007 campaign, he famously remarked on Barack Obama, “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy—I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” An openly racist comment against the colored community. Later, he accepted to be the VP candidate of Obama. Another, U-Turn. 

In 2014, he famously announced that Turkey, Saudi Arabia and UAE were pouring billions of dollars in Syria to support the US war against terror in Syria and also toppling the Assad regime. Most of that money went to jihadists who controlled parts of Syria. In 2015, he famously went to Ukraine in aid of Ukrainians. Later, it was found out that he held almost $1b in aid from Ukraine as part of his official policy. Another U-Turn.

Amongst international politicians he is supported by Malaysian dictator, Mahathir Mohammed. Amongst the PACs, he is supported by ASPIRE PAC, an openly anti-India and also anti-Commonsense PAC. Even Sri Preston Kulkarni, a Ro Khanna like candidate, is supported by this PAC. The chairwoman of this PAC, Judy Chu openly supported Kashmiri Radical Islamic Terrorists against India. Pritesh Gandhi from TX-10 is also a candidate of this anti Hindu and anti-Modi PAC. CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations), has also supported Joe Biden openly. In 2016, Premala Jayapal was also supported by this PAC. Emgage, a self-declared largest Muslim PAC endorsed him for his presidential bid. This PAC supports many critical anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian issues including support for Radical Islamic terrorists in Kashmir. In the primary, Sanders received the endorsements of numerous Muslim elected officials and groups, including Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, the first two Muslim women elected to Congress. All those endorsements have been passed over to Joe Biden. Joe Biden has made another U-Turn on Israel. Joe Biden has a plan for Muslim communities in US but no plan for Christians, Catholics, Jews, Buddhists, Native Americans and American Hindus. Can any non-Muslim community in US feel safe with his candidature? I leave it up to you to decide. 

Joe Biden’s career is a career of bad decisions which affect the global community. His current health may also be a question that needs to be answered. History of his career shows that he himself has repented his decisions later on. At this crucial juncture of global politics, can any American trust Joe Biden’s candidature?

How many instances of U-turn were you able to count? Can anyone trust this guy in any position? 

Credits: Google Search; Wikipedia search; Official Joe Biden Campaign portal

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