Today the Samyukta Kisan Morcha (SKM) has announced a Bandh protesting the new farm laws.

Please refer here which elaborates who gain and who lose from the new farm laws.

Who loses due to the laws?

  1. Middlemen(Mandi Dalals/Arthiya). Due to lack of monopolies they wont survive.
  2. Corrupt FCI officials. These people actually benefited from MSP, a big chunk of MSP went in to these peoples’ pockets.
  3. Black marketers and hoarders. They could manipulate food prices due to lack of competition and monopolies.

Who benefits?

  1. Farmers. They will get freed from the trap of Arthiya/middlemen/Corrupt FCI officials, as they will have a bigger client base to sell their produce.
  2. Tax payers. As the benefit of MSP will go to actual farmers, the Govt’s MSP spending will come down.
  3. Exporters. Since, they can directly purchase from farmers, they will be more competitive in international market. Due to investment in infrastructure (like say cold-storages), the food wastage will be a thing of past and exporters can choose the right time to export and earn.
  4. Common man. Chains of middle men/dalals will go away, hoarding and black marketing will reduce and food prices will fall, or at least remain stagnant. Food inflation will be a thing of past.

Coming back to our question why should the protests continue. The longer they continue better it is for nation. Why?

  1. The “Mandi Dalals” and “FCI dacoits” used to loot lakhs of crores every year and hence have a very strong financial backbone.
  2. Sponsoring protests costs a lot of Money. Every protestor needs to paid more than daily wages, media need to be paid to print the news etc. Longer the protests continue, they weaker the ecosystem becomes.
  3. The weaker the “Mandi Dalal + FCI dacoit” ecosystem becomes financially, lesser power they will have to influence elections and hence they cannot put their own candidates in Assemblies or Parliament.
  4. The “Mandi Dalal + FCI dacoit” ecosystem is one of the last remaining ecosystems who have propped up the Gandhis. Modiji has cutoff most of others. Once this ecosystem vanishes, the Gandhis will be booted out from Indian politics.
  5. Due to the free money the “Mandi Dalal + FCI dacoit” ecosystem used to get, they had become a nuisance and used to hold any govt. to ransom. With their financial muscle reducing, their blackmailing tactics wont work any more.

Hence, longer the protests continue, the weaker Mandi Dalal + FCI dacoit ecosystem becomes and more the nation gains.

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