Hard work of Nationalist Indians paid off. Rehan Siddiqui, ISI agent cannot host Indian Actors anymore per letter issued by the minister of state for home affairs G Kishan Reddy. In addition, Rehan partners Rakesh Kaushal & Darshan Mehta were blacklisted as well.

In the past, the Indians in Houston and across the USA as well as in India worked hard, submitted complaints to the Consulate General of India as well as Embassy of India in DC.

Member of Parliament Rahul Shewale wrote a detailed letter to Amit Shah, HMO based on the inputs from the Indian-Americans. He clearly outlined the anti-Indian activities that Rehan had been doing. Rehan is being accused by Indian-Americans of funding ISI from the money generated by doing Bollywood events in Houston and across USA.

Activist Vivek Bansal had been working very hard along with NRIs in Houston to blacklist Rehan and his ISI/Khalistani gang. Houston Indian community is overjoyed and grateful Kishan Reddy Garu!

Relevant letters and tweets attached

NRIs across the US consider this a great victory. It happened because of the teamwork and BJP government at the center.

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