A mother and her two-year-old toddler were forcedfully converted by a car driver named Rahmat Hasan on Tuesday, 19th of July according to a police complaint filed in Uttar Pradesh. Hasan deceitfully married the woman and converted her to islam while assuming the identity of a hindu. According to reports, he also had the two-year-old youngster circumcised and converted him to Islam.


According to a jagran report, the crime occurred 10 months ago when the suspect, Rehmat Hasan, lured the wife and her child under the pretence of providing support by disguising himself as Guddu. The woman from Nandagram who filed the case claimed that she wed a man in 2018. She continued by saying that her husband abandoned her three years prior, ending their marriage. After that, the woman moved to her mother’s house, where she gave birth to a boy.


The woman and the toddler were forced to leave the house after regular fights with her sisters and mother, and they continued looking for a place to stay and money. The woman started pleading for assistance and cash. At the mohan nagar chowk in nandagram, Gaziabad, she was once approached by the accused car driver Rehman Hasan who offered to aid her. He approached the woman while pretending to be guddu.


According to the lawsuit, Rehmat Hasan afterwards abducted the woman and her child under the guise of providing them with emotional and financial support and forced them to stay at his sister’s home. Once at Puranpur, Pilibhit, the woman learned that Hasan, who had pretended to be Guddu, was actually a Muslim. The woman claimed in the complaint that the accused started pressuring her to get married to him and become an islamic convert as soon as she learned of his religious affiliation.


When the wife flatly rejected the offer, Hasan kidnapped her two-year-old son and held him prisoner as a form of intimidation. The woman was then coerced into marrying him and converting to Islam after the two-year-old kid was circumcised. Out of concern for her child, the mother agreed to get married. Hasan left the woman and her son at Puranpur alone after the marriage and went back to Gaziabad. The three lived together in Jhadpur when the woman eventually made it to Gaziabad.



A few days later, the victimised woman called her older sister because she was having financial difficulties and started renting a home in Nandgram with her kid. Rehman, the accused, went to her Nandagram residence and made another attempt to kidnap the two-year-old boy. Additionally, he lured the wife and the child to Loni under the guise of giving them gifts and clothing in honour of Eid before abusing and assaulting them there. She left Hasan and went back to Nandagram, staying there by herself with her child.


When Hasan was discovered harassing the woman near Mohan Nagar Chowk in Nandagram once more, the Uttar Pradesh Police became aware of the event. The Hindu Yuva Vahini, who was called by the victim’s brother-in-law, also drew notice to the situation. On Sunday, the victim was contacted by Hindu Yuva Vahini District President Ayush Tyagi Kakra, who also alerted the police. He requeste that the victim file a formal complrequesteAs a result of the woman’s physical abuse and the accused’s forced conversion of her and her kid to Islam, the police filed a complaint against them. According to the pertinent portions of the anti-conversion statute in Uttar Pradesh, a complaint has been filed. The police have taken the accused into custody and are questioning him about the incident.

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