A lot has been discussed about reservation since Independence, but solution to it is nowhere in sight. The reservation law was amended just for political benefit and not for people.

The surprising thing is that people are ready to come on road to demand reservation but not for fight against corruption. Just for some percent of quota they destroy public properties and attack security personals. Why, just because some political leaders provoke them to do so. But has anyone demanding reservation thought for once that how these so called “Messiahs” have gone from rags to riches? Most of these leaders own luxurious properties, their children study in topmost institutions and they earn handsome amount of income, but what has the common man demanding reservation received?

For years these leaders have exploited the common man for political benefit. Everyone can see this but no one is ready to raise voice. Why is reservation so important. Has it done any good to the nation? All the sarkari babu’s in government are selected on basis of reservation despite the fact that most of them are undeserving. They enjoy all the privileges on public money, yet they treat us people as slave. For whole life they earn salary as well as under table amount. Post their retirement their legal heirs take their position. This chain goes on and on. What others who demand reservation get? Nothing except Hope that one day someone from their family might benefit from it. This Hope in their mind stops them from recognizing their true potential. The harsh reality is that when you check the facts on ground, you will find that the standard of living of most of these people demanding reservation remains unchanged. Yet they do not think of working hard to improve it instead of waiting for reservation.

Reservation must strictly be on the basis of economic status, irrespective of caste or religion. Those who are financially weak must get reservation, that too with a clause:If the financial condition of the person allotted reservation improves in future then his family members are not entitled for reservation. Stringent laws must be enacted, only then can India move ahead in the path of development.

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