Every time some movement happen there is a romantic image gets painted by media and top beneficiaries that this is a revolution (क्रांति) and will change the country. Whether it’s Anna Movement, CAA, or Now Farmer Protest. Generally, young passionate people become easy prey and lose everything. At the international level also the same thing happens, like Arab spring or many such but when you look back after few years you will realize that generally, Revolution Monster is called by few people that even benefits them but most participants are just looser. Anna Andolan benefits reaped by Kejriwal but did we achieved that promised system change, do we even know what happened to those who left the job or what’s happening with that family of farmer who accidentally died in the rally. World wide whether Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Castro, or Che all used the pretext of revolution to grab power, they got power but what about all those who lost everything under that rosy revolution dream. World knows the legacy of Mao, Lenin, Stalin ideologies.

Yesterday some 21yr girl was caught by police in case of Delhi R Day violence, rampage, In one of her video, it seems she is clueless about what’s happening, how democracy operates, or how systems improve. Just using words like Human rights, FOE/S, Minority rights, or putting a banner of saving forest doesn’t make you activist. No tweetstorm or Toolkit can push revolution in India like big country but it will destroy the life of such people, they will become a victim of glorified revolution. For few days people will tweet, support but sedition is such a grave charge that the Indian system will put you in Jail forever, you gone into that trap knowingly or unknowingly, you have to face your action.

It’s very important to differentiate what is good for the nation, for the society. Rs 32,000 crore loss to economy by just one protest. Imagine the velocity of impact over the economy for the sake of revolutionary dream. If we cant simply connect the dots, we are fools dancing over enemies tune. In this era of social media, it’s very difficult to prevent oneself from getting influenced. Thats where we need to apply intelligence and ask ourselves, what I am gonna do. Is it gonna benefit Indian masses? Who are the leaders and ideologues ? What will be the outcome? In order to criticise government are we bashing our own motherland? In-short Choose your heroes wisely

Normal people know every 5yr you get a chance of doing a silent revolution then not sure why few are in so much hurry. Revolution is always for system change which is a slow process but even if someone thinks that revolution is govt change then also no violent or intellectual route in India can change govt except people voting it out.
Revolution or Activism needs study, research, commitment and implementation, not sure how at age or 21, you call someone an environmental activist, whereas environmental consequences are long-term, even surviving one small forest will take 3-4yr and its impact will be seen after a few yr. We can see Padamshri Girish Prabhune or Shyam Sundar Paliwal given life for the cause and they qualify as activists of change. Green Revolution or Amul Like Milk revolution is a real revolution that changed the life of Crores of people and continues to shape society.

If you really want a revolution then revolutionise your life, form a company to earn money, give jobs, and spend on CSR or Form NGO and work on some cause or Join politics and change policies. This shortcut revolution through social media or just showing play cards of saving something may give you some moment of glory but if you become a victim of that revolution monster deliberately or the wrong person at the wrong place then you will be lost forever in that darkness.

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