Ever since Christian CM Jaganmohan Reddy came to power in Andhra, the Christian evangelists who till now operated stealthily to convert vulnerable sections of Hindus to Christianity, mostly from the SC and ST community, are now brazenly demanding that Hindus should convert to Christianity or else face false charges under SC/ST Act.

Already more than 127 temples in Andhra have been vandalised and desecrated including the ancient Ramatheertham Temple where Prabhu Shri Ram’s idol was literally beheaded with arms chopped off. The sight of the mutilated idol filled every Hindu with horror. All the Christian CM did was order an inquiry under rabid Christian ADGP Sunil Kumar on the pre-decided lines that TDP workers and BJP workers are indulging in severing their own Gods’ heads to defame Jagan’s government!

Jagan does this act of fixing Hindus themselves who are victims of this act of iconoclasm and bigotry by hate spewing Pastors who proudly boast about creating 700 Christ Villages, breaking Hindu Gods’ idols and kicking them around.

Now, the Legal Rights Observatory has in its investigations revealed a sensational shocking news that Hindus in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh are being threatened to convert to Christianinty and get Rs. 5000 per month as reward or else face false charges under the stringent SC/ST Act.

The Legal Rights Observatory (LRO) reports that the Pastors of “Believers’ Eastern Church” of Pittalavanpalem (M) in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh are forcing villagers of the area to convert to Christianity and take a reward of Rs.5000 per month. When villagers resisted this move and objected to construction of illegal Church, said to be made on illegally occupied common Gram Sabha land, the fraudulent Pastors of the Believers’ Eastern Church, filed fake fabricated cases of violation of SC/ST Act on the hapless Hindu villagers.

The villagers’ courage and principles to not to be swayed by the lure of getting Rs.5000 per month should be admired in these days of economic crunch due to Covid-19 Pandemic and manufactured global conspiracy by Khalistani-Jihadi-Naxal-Christian Missionaries to slowdown India’s economy and development.

The demonic Pastors then come up with the strategy of fabricating false charges under the stringent SC/ST Act. Notably, frauds like Kancha Illaiah, who are Christian converts lie that they are Dalit Buddhist and aide these devilish Jesus trading Pastors to threaten file false charges under the draconian SC/ST protection Act.

Notably, under the said Act, on receiving a complaint without due inquiry immediate non-bailable arrests are to be made even if the complaints are false. The person at the receiving end of the false complaint has to go pillar to post to get a bail, and since the poor villagers would not have sufficient means to pull legal strings, they would end up rotting in jail for years to end without any justice on false charges.

So, the ploy of the satanic Pastors is well planned as the whole administration in Andhra Pradesh is at its disposal, to threaten villagers with false charges if they do not fall in line and quietly convert to Christianity.

The villagers have lodged written complaints against this nefarious Believers’ Eastern Church and its Pastors with the Collector of the area and the Income Tax department to probe the source of funds of this dubious organisation, since it is splurging money on illegal conversions.

The Legal Rights Observatory reported the matter by posting a tweet in the social media platform, which is given below.


The Modi government needs to speed up its cleaning up job of acting on these nefarious evangelist organisations through the concerned central agencies. These organisations have deep nexus with global Christian evangelist lobbies whose aim is to convert all Hindus in India to Christianity.

Notably, wherever there is a huge demographic change in India to either of the Abrahamic faiths, there is rise in secessionist tendencies, be it the Christianised North East or the Islamised Jammu & Kashmir.

Moreover, these converts are putties in the hand of their western masters and even give up the interests of their converted Indian brothers when it comes to interests of the White Christians, a good example is the Italian Marines shoot out case. These converts are also easily incited to cause riotous violence in various parts of the country.

The Home Ministry should shut these Jesus selling shops and the government need to consider enacting a complete ban on conversions to any of the predatory Abrahamic faiths in India!

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