The rewriting of history has been the constant refrain in the nationalist imagination of India since the partition and the consequent distortion of our past by the Congress-Marxist nexus in politics and academia. Post 2014 the clamour has risen, and rightly so, for an immediate revision of our history textbooks in order to detoxify the distorted imagination of Idea of India and build up the Bhartiya narrative to counter the constantly growing Breaking India forces.

But there is no change is sight as far the history books of NCERT are concerned. “We have not rewritten a single chapter in the last four years” the former MHRD minster Prakash Javdekar proudly proclaimed in the year 2018. This statement of Prakash Javadekar attracted strong reactions from people on all the media platforms and he was lampooned for toeing the lines of Lutyen elite.  While the criticism is justified it doesn’t help the cause in any bit. The reason for what Javadekar says lies somewhere else. Let’s try to understand with the help of an example.

The NDA-I introduced the new NCERT history books in the year 2002 which was vehemently opposed by the same Congress-Marxist ecosystem which kept on feeding half truths and a whitewashed history of Muslim atrocities to school going children for a long time. While the books were not withdrawn despite the regular propaganda accusing NDA of “Saffronization of Education”, the UPA-I withdrew these books immediately once they grabbed the power in 2004. No wonder they did it and did it at a lightning speed but what was really surprising to witness was that there was no opposition to this move. The BJP as a political party did oppose it but there was lack of an ecosystem which could question the overnight changes in the history books by the UPA-I to appease a particular constituency.

Fast forward 2020 and the facts of the matters haven’t changed much. The long awaited revamp of Indian History text books is still a pipedream for the nationalist folks and people like Prakash Javadekar inspires no confidence for its possibility as well. Many commentators even accuse BJP for falling prey to the sick idea of Secularism, as it is preached and practised in India at present.

But is it justified to accuse BJP or any political party for such a state of affairs? Although one can argue that the current state of affairs is actually a mess created by the political parties, my contention is that it’s the society which needs to awaken in order to bring any last longing change in the way we approach as well as understand our history. The good thing is that there are early signs of this awakening.

The recent controversy on the Tanishq advertisement is a case in point. There has been a late but concrete realisation by majority of Hindus how their identity and culture has been trampled upon by the fake narratives of Feminism, Secularism, Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb, Animal Rights Activism and what not. Every Hindu festival is, in one way or another, derided, ridiculed and laughed upon by the intolerant liberals and leftist who are self-proclaimed paragons of tolerance. But the Tanishq Controversy was one of the few instances where Hindus struck back, and they struck back hard. So much so that not only a popular brand like Tanishq had to withdraw its advertisement but it’s share’s price went south following the outrage.

Another example which offers a ray of hope is the case of Bloomsbury’s hypocrisy about publishing a book on Delhi Riots 2020 with the same title. Bloomsbury withdrew from its publication at the last moment under the pressure exerted by the usual suspects accusing the book of being Islamophobic. But coming forward of Garuda Prakashan for its publication and the overwhelming response it got for pre-orders for was heart-warming. Not only that; following the controversy many authors of repute came forward to denounce this hypocritical stance of Bloomsbury and withdrew their upcoming books from Bloomsbury.

The above mentioned examples are an indication of the changing dynamics in the area of narrative building following the 2014 election victory of Narendra Modi. Apart from the fear mongering of the left-liberal cabal about the “Rising intolerance”, there is a growing realisation amongst the Hindu masses about their continuous victimisation since the last one millennia and its denial by the Liberal-Marxist nexus. The constant oppression of Hindu identity and culture in order to justify the glorification of Muslim and British rule is now being questioned at multiple fronts. The social media has been a boon for the Hindu society in order to voice their grievances and a few mainstream media outlets are also coming forward to support this new perspective. The recently aired programme on Zee Hindustan about the distortion of history by the “Marxist Historians” is an example how the clamour for the correcting the falsification of history by the Left-Liberal cabal has now gone mainstream.

The digital age has brought the power of political change in the hands of masses and the political parties can ignore these sentiments on their own peril. If Rahul Gandhi can turn a “Janeu-dhari Brahmin” and a “Shiv-Bhakt” then it’s an indication of rising strength of Hindu society owing to its consolidation following the 2014 elections. And the same strength is now leading the common Hindus to ask themselves the right questions. This land has witnessed much more than what is mentioned in the history text books and the right questions asked will ultimately lead to a history rewriting which will not be easy to whitewashed and changed as it happened in 2004. No political party or government can ignore these questions and the strength which these questions will represent.

Therefore moving ahead of the pessimism and expressing desperation about the status quo, we the Hindus need to consolidate further and turn the demand for rewriting of history into a movement supported by our intellectual and political strength. The way the whitewashed history is being questioned and awareness is rising amongst the educated class of Hindus, it need to reach its ultimate goal of Right to Truth for Our Wounded Civilisation.

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