Riots have been endemic in the social and national narrative of any nation with a sizable Muslim population, especially in the subcontinent – Pakistan, Bangladesh, India. In Indian context only one type of riots have overwhelming occurrence – the COMMUNAL riot. Communal riots are however, rarely religious in origin. They are even rarely spontaneous in nature.

A clear relationship between communal riots and politics was established for the first time in 1946, when the Muslim League gave its direct action
call on August 16, 1946. A chronology of events reveals that communal riots are not caused spontaneously and thus are always organized to target a religious demography, usually and unfortunately, Hindus.

And still the society at large refuses to acknowledge the inherent violence in the communal riots and the religious beliefs that fuel these riots. The intellectuals? have lulled the population into believing their delusions. They tell us that the riots are the fault of the victims – Hindus. They tel us that the poor “peaceful” Muslims kill us because they are poor, because they are uneducated, because they are very religious (surprisingly this little snippet comes from MK Gandhi). It is never their fault. It is always the victim.

GODHRA – burning alive of 56 Hindus at Godhra station was forgotten and the subsequent riots were blamed on Hindus and they continue to be demonized.

KASHMIR – massacre of kashmiri pandits was blamed on thevictims themselves and calls of jihad against the pandits was ignored, ther massacre was whitewashed out of collective memory. Their killers were felicitated by congress governments

KOLKATA/ CALCUTTA – The 1946 massacre of Hindus by Muslim League gundas was blamed upon the Hindus by none other than MK Gandhi.

DELHI RIOTS – of 2000 were blamed upon one innocuous statement of a politican.

Inspite of decades of evidence, our society, in general driven by malicious political ideology of the congress/left ecosystem, chose to believe them and continue to blame themselves – result our society in general has fallen down the rabbit hole of self hate & self flagellation.

The same deluded self hate continues to make excuses for Islamic terrorism that plagues our society. Islamic terror attacks are justified by the demolition of the disputed structure on Ram Janmbhumi. As if one disputed dilapidated structure could justify murder of countless Hindus. And if so, shouldn’t the Hindus hold Muslims accountable for destruction of thousands and thousands of our temples? Communal violence in form of organized riots has been a sure way to assert religious expansionism over the majority Hindus. These riots occur only in places where there is a sizable population of Muslims. They live in ghettos and prefer religious education over modern education. Driven by their mullas they are fueled by hate against Hindus.

However their poverty and close mindedness is used as an excuse to hide their violence. The ones who use social schisms and economic disparity as excuse for their violence.

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