Kejriwal Govt saying No Money for Corona Management but hugely spending taxpayers’ money on Advertisements

Harish Khurana filed RTI and response to his RTI application are shocking and revealing. Kejriwal Govt has spent ₹250 crores on advertiments.

During the GST council meeting yesterday, Delhi deputy chief minister Manish Sisodiya demanded money from center govt and declared that Delhi has no money to handle corona. Manish sisodia even went on to say that Centre Govt should take loan and pass that money to Delhi Govt.

Delhi BJP Leader Harish Khurana filed an RTI application and the RTI reply revealed that while on one hand Kejriwal Govt is crying about no money left to run the Govt, on the other hand they are spending ₹ 3-4 Crores every week on advertisments.

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