Target was to kill some top senior police official to make it BIG – First they attacked DCP Amit sharma and then they killed Constable Ratanlal

Police Chargesheet revealed safoora was actively involved in planning of murders and riots during Anti Hindu Delhi Riots

Aam Aadmi Party leader Athar is also named in the chargesheet for murder of Ratan lal.

A meeting on 23rd February night was held at Chand Bagh to finalize the action plan for 24/20/2020. The organizers instigated the protesters to be violent and in a planed manner asked them to join the protest and equip themselves for any violence.

Attack on a senior top police official was planed to make it BIG.

Their target was DCP Amit Sharma, an IPS officer who was brutaly attacked by well prepared women group and was stoned by a muslim mob.

They wanted to kill DCP Amit sharma but somehow Amit Sharma survived after month long treatment in hospital.

They killed constable Ratanlal who was brutally stoned to death by muslim women groups protesting against CAA.

Police Chargesheet has revealed that Safoora Sarkar was one of the main organisers behind the illegal march on 23rd of February from Chand Bagh to Rajghat that was stopped, and subsequently, secret meetings were held for planning the riots on 24th of February.

The chargesheet mentioned that there was a secret meeting on the intervening night of 23rd and 24th and it was after this secret meeting that riots erupted that resulted in the murder of Ratan Lal by the Islamist mob.

A “secret meeting” was convened by the organisers in Lane Number 4 of Chand Bagh. Post the secret meeting, the organisers went on the stage and told the protestors that “this was the time to show them our strength” and due to the visit of US President Donald Trump, all eyes would be on India and hence, the protestors were urged to show up on 24th with maximum number of people.

On 24th, the witness says that as he left his house, he saw the mobs holding rods, swords, stones and sticks, ready to attack Hindus.

Another witness says that after the secret meeting, Muslims congregated there were told by Athar and others that they were to carry rods, stones etc to show the Government and the rest of India their protest against NRC will continue.

The chargesheet further says, “The weapons used to assault police officials and set ablaze properties could not have been abruptly arranged. It was well planned in advance by the organizers of the protest site at Chand Bagh to spread violence on 24/02/2020 and the instigated rioters with common intention created havoc which led to the loss of life and property

During the investigation of the case by Special Cell, it has been found that the riots that took place in December have a connection with riots that later took place in various parts of Delhi including the riot at Chand Bagh. The Jamia Co-ordination committee had managed all the protest sites to achieve its objective and every site was being supervised/handled by the members of JCC. During the investigation it has been found that JCC representative namely Safoora was looking after the Chand Bagh Mazar site and had played an important role in instigating the protestors. Accordingly, Safoora was arrested by IO of Special cell in FIR no 59/20. Role of Safoora in the present case is further being probed and a report regarding the same shall be filed through supplementary charge sheet.

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