Right after a cinematic blunder such as Vikram Vedha, Adipurush’s trailer was released that again has Saif Ali Khan in a negative role. Yesterday saw the release of the first and only official teaser for Prabhas’ eagerly anticipated movie “Adipurush,” which has since received over 43 million views.

Normally, we’d think that will be quite impressive, but in this situation, when bollywood is highly disliked we just know that the majority of those views were to double-check the dismal ratings the teaser had.

Saif Ali Khan, the fan and father of Taimur Ali Khan is nowhere looking like Raavan who is known as a great Shiva Bhakt and is highly glorified for his war techniques. In many instances, the teaser of Adipurush “Raavan” which is being played by Saif Ali khan is shown without Tilak. Applying “soorma” to the eyes that is not normal among the hindus.

The look of Saif Ali Khan clearly indicates that Bollywood has lost the touch with the culture. Prabhas’s Adipurush seems to have disappointed viewers, receiving criticism for its poor VFX and being promoted as a family film.

Not only this, but netizens also compared the “Raavan” character of Adipurush to Aurangzeb because the look Saif Ali Khan was given resembles more of an Islamic invader than an asur who followed sanatan dharma.

A lot of people have criticized the film and its stars on social media, so it appears that fans aren’t too pleased with the casting either.

The teaser of Adipurush has terribly disappointed fans especially those of Prabhas. Do you think that the craze for a modern Ramayana will sustain as it was there before the release of the teaser?

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