How far can one go to take political revenge? How far? This incident that I am going to share will shake you the core.
It was the month of March 1970, weather in Kolkota was quite hot and so was the temperature of the political arena. The second united front government had fallen.

The communists were celebrating and persuading people in joining the communist party of India,this duty was on the shoulders of Nirupam Sen.
The Sain family was one family which had supported Congress since ages and was in no mood to change their political inclination.

They refused to join the Communist party. The Sains became a target of the commies. In days to come, stones were thrown at their house but it stopped. Few days later, on 17th March 1970, a celebration was about to take place in the Sain family. The daughter of Sain family had a baby and he was to be named.

The Sain brothers,Naba,Pranab and Malay were all in the house along with Rekha ( wife of Naba-the eldest son) and mother of all three Mrignayana Devi. It all began as the first ray of son hit the roofs of the houses. First they pelted stones at the house.

The members were frightened, the infant, terrified by the sound was crying, the brothers knew that the CPI(M) goons are at their doorsteps.
From window he saw, more than 1000 men were holding the red flag with sickle and hammer. 12 men now were walking towards the house.

One man big enough, broke the door of the house.’ THUDD!!’ the sound resounded the empty living. The brothers came out and without even giving them time to speak, these 12 demons attacked the Sain Family.
The bloodshed began.

The eyes of the eldest son were gauged, the horrific act was in front of his mother, Pranab and Malay tried to save their brother,but they became the prey of this horrific act. They were hacked to death by these political goons. Blood was spurting from their body, reaching the ceiling. The walls of the house were appearing red,

The goons didn’t even spare the month old infant, they threw him in the fire, luckily someone saved him,his name is Amrit Kumar, today he is 48 Yearsold, but still has burn marks over his body. The worst was yet to come. Naba was lying there helplessly with his eyes gouged out.

Pranab and Malay lying dead in the pool of blood in front of their mother, the goons dipped rice in this pool of blood and fed the poor helpless mother to show what will be done if someone doesn’t accept their political prowess. They smeared the blood of her sons on her forehead and body.

Mrignayana Devi became mentally ill after this incident, she was not able to recover from this shock and died 8 years later. Naba, the eldest son and the one who survived was killed a year later by CPI M goons.

Rekha recalls the horrific memories of this incident even today. This incident is considered to be one of the most horrific incident in the entire world,done for a political revenge and Communist party has a record of committing such crimes.

The bloodlust of the red party never stopped. It killed everyone who came in its path. Today the members of the same communist party give lectures to BJP and others about upholding the values of the constitution and what not! Every Friday I will share the horrific incidents that were committed by Communists!

These incidents must be know to each and everyone, who thinks that Communist party thinks for the welfare of the society ! No Sir ! The Communist party anywhere,never stood for anyone else than themselves ! Leave your comments below !

Sain House,Lying in Ruins,Abondened after the horrific incident

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