Eminent scientist Dr. James Hartzell, postdoctoral researcher at Spain Basque Centre on Cognition, Brain and language became fascinated by Sanskrit language and decided to conduct a research along with his counterparts Ben Davis, David Melcher, Gabriele Miceli, Jorge Jovicich and others. With the help of some volunteers he produced Sanskrit effect before the world.


The research involved 42 volunteers divided into two groups. The first group consisted of 21 Sanskrit literates’ expert in chanting Yajurveda Shlokas along with hand gestures practiced for more than 10,000 years of their life. The second group involved 21 volunteers who kept their life operating smoothly. The MRI analysis of brain of Sanskrit volunteers revealed that the grey matter portion of the brain increased by 10% and there was also a substaintial increase in cortical thickness resulting increased  memory power and language retaining capacity.

In an another research presided by NASA, world famous space agency, it was proven that Sanskrit was best suited language for writing algorithms in computer programming. Rick Briggs, a scientist from NASA, in 1985 discovered that Sanskrit, one of the oldest language of the world, also it the complex creation of words which has the capacity of expressing the vast knowledge in minimum words. The language can be efficiently used for writing the algorithms for further generations of computer. Moreover NASA is working to design algorithms of further generations of computer with the help of Sanskrit language.

Sanskrit alphabet has 46 letters organized on basis of their phonetic properties, it  is the only language in the world which involves maximum tongue exercise it also produces sounds of various vibrations which works as a therapy for the body and most amazing among all these facts is that the language came into existence thousands of years back when rest of the world was engrossed in using symbols to express their feelings.

We Indians are already aware of miracles of Sanskrit, that is why we call it Dev Vanni , but now the whole world has realized its benefits. Our ancestors have bestowed with an ancient jewel of Sanskrit and that too in a very simple method of shlokas which most of our learn in the early years of our life, now it is our responsibility to preserve it by practicing it.




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